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  1. divino

    Favorite tamagotchi version and why?

    probably Pix or the v3!
  2. divino

    How do i sneak a Tamagotchi into a Private School?

    I would advise to only play on them during breaks. The tamagotchi ON has a feature to send your tama off to its parents until 5pm. Please focus on your studies!
  3. divino

    Remember Nintendogs?

    I still play my Nintendogs Dachsund and friends! I also have one of the nintendogs + cats games for the 3ds, but I'm not a huge fan of it, it's just way too much work and I don't see how it's supposed to be for children. I'm an adult and it's still too difficult lol
  4. divino

    Least favorite Tamagotchi version?

    Oh dang. You really let go something valuable :O let's just hope it got a loving home.
  5. divino

    Least favorite Tamagotchi version?

    What are your least favorite Tamagotchi models? Mine probably are the V5, V6 and the Pix. :puroperatchi: Let's discuss!
  6. divino

    Do you ever dream about tamas?

    I keep having dreams where I find tamas off flea markets for insanely low prices. In reality I never find tamas off flea markets :(
  7. divino

    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    We never get the fun stuff in Europe, yaaay expensive import fees!
  8. divino

    Really excited to be here

    That is so wonderful, welcome back to the world of tamagotchis happy2
  9. divino

    Green Egg VPet. Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Does it have any markings on the back? Like a year, producer…
  10. divino

    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    Much thanks for the additional information! I promised to update this thread when new info got released, but… whoops, I forgot. 😬
  11. divino

    US Tamagotchi ON App shutting down in August

    Sadly I am not involved in hosting the new app, but we still have the 4U app and others available for download from fansites. I’m sure they’ll find a way around it though! edit: was supposed to quote Penguin-keeper but apparently the site’s mobile version didn’t like that :/
  12. divino

    US Tamagotchi ON App shutting down in August

    We will be 100% getting a fanmade app, rumored to be supporting custom genes roo! The ON app has also been fully archived so we will have everything recovered, no worries.
  13. divino

    prototype tamagotchi sprites found in sengoku turb F.I.D

    Brilliant find, I love how we still find new parts of the mysterious tamagotchi history to this very day!
  14. divino

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

  15. divino

    Will Bandai ever rerelease something like Tamagotchi connect?

    Ahh I'd so love a connexion rerelease! They could release it in different waves, first v1, then next year v2, v3 and so on... Or just release them all, haha. Would love to see new shells etc!
  16. divino

    Anyone remember the virus 'Tamago.doc'?

    kind of cool haha. old computer viruses are fascinating. creepy though! imagine being a child in the late 90s and getting this virus while sitting in the dark - spoopyyy! lmao
  17. divino

    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    A new version of the Tamagotchi Pix has been (soft) revealed at the London Toy Fair 2022. According to Bandai, it will feature new characters, activities and games. Two colors have been shown so far; Coral Pink and Sky Blue, and they will be released in July 2022. I will update this post as...
  18. divino

    How often do yall play with your tamas in school if u do?

    I’m an adult student (in a vocational school) so class rules may not be as strict as in elementary. I keep a few tamas with me most of the time, sitting muted on the desk. However me focusing on studying instead of glaring at my tamas often results in care misses. I’ve started to leave them...
  19. divino

    What are you listening to now?

    bunch of black metal and breakcore rn :P
  20. divino

    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    well done @Tamagogopog , i was actually spooked and got some insane creepypasta/polybius vibes :D may the legacy of this "tama" live on.