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  1. Peyj

    Pix Party Character List?

    Hey guys, Does anyone have a list of the Pix Party characters, and how to obtain them? Thanks in advance!
  2. Peyj

    How do you remove items on the Pix?

    I'm sure I'm overlooking something really obvious, but I've been scanning in QR Codes and now my item box is apparently full. Is there a way to remove some? Thank-you!
  3. Peyj

    PIX / On / Meets Log (Comments OK)

    Hopefully this is okay, I realise now I should have rolled all my Logs in to one rather than starting a new thread each time. I'll label each update with who I'm talking about and this should stop me from cluttering up the forums with my endless logging! o_O PIX (Gen 4) :furawatch: Today I...
  4. Peyj

    Can anyone help me ID this Tama, please? Thankyou

    It looks like a Connection V1 to me, but unless I've gone mad, I can't see it on Anyone seen this before? Thankyou so much
  5. Peyj

    Does anyone recall that Virtual Pet archive site?

    I found a site recently where someone has listed basically all the virtual pets (not just Tamas) and I can't find it now. :( Does anyone happen to know the website I mean? It had photos and lots of different brands and bootlegs, etc.
  6. Peyj

    Peyj's ON Log (Comments OK)

    Sadly, I lost some ~8 generations on my ON today when I left it on the new Tama naming screen for too long (I didn't realise that could cause potential issues!) :cautious: So unfortunately, I had to start all over again. I thought I could make a little family tree log, so here we go. :wacko...
  7. Peyj

    Can a Tamagotchi ON talk/connect to a Tamagotchi MEETS?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if my Tama ON could connect/'talk to' a Meet if I got one? I'm not sure because the ON is English only and the Meets would be Japanese only. Has anyone tried this? Thank-you in advance! EDIT: Also, more specifically, could connecting my ON to a Meets unlock some...
  8. Peyj

    Can anyone ID this Tama for me please?

    I've tried looking on Tamashell but can't see this one (I might be overlooking it somehow). Does anyone know what kind of Tama this is?
  9. Peyj

    Peyj's Silly ON Questions #002

    Back again with probably an insane question. What on earth is this item in my ON Tama's room?? It looks like a screen or a TV or something? I've tried going into every menu option I can find to remove/change it, but can't find anything. I also tried Googling but no luck there either. Does...
  10. Peyj

    What does this screen on my ON mean? :O

    Has anyone seen this screen before? I'm not sure what caused it, but it appeared this morning and has been there all day!
  11. Peyj

    Stages of Tamas - Child / Adult Ages?

    I was wondering if anyone knows what age our Tamas become adults - specifically for the Pix and the ON (are they the same?) Specifically, I was wondering where their friendship levels cap at each age. I understand that, on the Pix, you can't be "best friends" until a certain age/adult phase...
  12. Peyj

    PIX Recipes

    I found this "recipe book" on the Wiki and thought it might be helpful for some people -
  13. Peyj

    Ginji's Log (Comments OK)

    Mimi left a couple of days ago and my new little guy just evolved into... Ginjirotchi! Look how handsome he is! There's something really endearing about him so I'm going to try and achieve Best Buds so that he can stay! :oo Also in an effort to become best friends, I accidentally gave him so...
  14. Peyj

    Rechargable Batteries

    Hey guys, I noticed in my PIX instruction booklet, it specifies a certain type and brand of rechargeable battery to use. Do you guys stick to that? Or is it more like some kind of a deal between Bandai and Panasonic to recommend their batteries?
  15. Peyj

    RIP to my first P1

    Made it to 16 - I was hoping to go higher but real life called and I didn't think I had, but I think I left him for too long. RIP @ 16 little Gen 1!
  16. Peyj

    Mimi, a Pix Story (Gen 2) Comments OK

    Today my Weeptchi went back to his home planet (I think that's what happened?!) after asking me to make an album with him. So off he went, and now I have... Mimitamatchi! I'm avoiding looking it up (so please no spoilers), but very interested to see what Mimi grows into, because she hatched...
  17. Peyj

    Tamagotchi ON! App for Australians

    Hi everyone, very excited that I have found a Tamagotchi ON! and it's on its way in the mail! :ichigotchi: Does anyone have a good link for me to download the app in Australia (on android)? ON's weren't released here officially, and I believe I need to find the .apk and install it...
  18. Peyj

    R2D2... Wherever you are

    This might not be the right place to post, but my R2D2 is missing! I have everyone else muted to try and hear his little beeps... We did hear them once today but we couldn't track him down. Poor little fella. I wonder what kind of shape he will be in once we figure out where he's disappeared...
  19. Peyj

    How to Spot a Fake Tamagotchi

    Hi everyone! I'm pretty new here and still learning, so I hope this is okay to post. Less than a week ago I had zero idea how to spot a fake Tamagotchi, so I thought I'd share what I have learned so far. And hopefully you might all have some tips too! How to Spot a Fake Tamagotchi Any model...
  20. Peyj

    New collector here :D

    Hi everyone! I haven't had a virtual pet of any kind since I was a kid (1996 or 1997 when they were brand new), but recently I saw the 25th Anniversary Tama and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I ended up getting one and I was immediately hooked all over again. Now I have a little...