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  1. *Hayden*

    Hayden's Tamagotchi Log

    Uhh hi, yes, I've decided to start up a log for the first time in a few years, don't know why but I just had a sudden urge to make one again. It's probably more convenient to do so on social media such as facebook, tumblr or instagram these days, but it doesn't really feel the same. Hopefully I...
  2. *Hayden*

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town

    Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town V9 News & Discussion Thread Top Row: Colorful Bubbles, Floral Gem & Green Leopard Gem Bottom Row: Kira Kira Gem, Pink Lace Gem & Zig Zag Gem New features: -- New Dream Town theme brought into device with various Dream Town venues throughout the...
  3. *Hayden*

    Animal Crossing New Leaf VS Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

    Halp, what do I get, share opinions please :)
  4. *Hayden*

    Are you going anywhere these holidays?

    Title says it. Are you going anywhere for the holidays? I'm going to New Zealand for 11 days in two weeks :D
  5. *Hayden*

    Tamagotchi 4U- Skill Points

    LIVING Normal Living- 0 Points Sweets Living- 3 Cooking Points Pastel Living- 3 Art Points Cool Living- 3 Fashion Points Space Living- 3 Invention Points Girly Living- 3 Fashion Points Modern Living- 3 Sport Points Art Living- 3 Art Points Retro Living- 3 Art Points Laboratory Living-...
  6. *Hayden*

    4U : Guide to getting Skills

    So there has been a few questions being passed around asking how to get skills. Well, I decided to make a topic just in case you didn't how to ;) Basic Skills: Basic Skills are the three skills at the top, which can only be obtained by toddlers, and cannot be obtained while your character is...
  7. *Hayden*

    IR USB for Downloads?

    Can anyone recommend some please
  8. *Hayden*

    +Color Reviews/Log?

    Does anyone have a review or log about the +Color, don't know much, but I wantz XD
  9. *Hayden*

    What color tamagotchi to get?

    I have enough points on a certain website for free EMS, and found relatively cheap Tamagotchis which are all new too. I wanted opinions on; +Color [$50] ID L 15th [$50] ID [$56] Leaning towards the 15th Anniversary because of the destinations and characters I want the Color for seeds and...
  10. *Hayden*

    What would you like to see on the Tamagotchi 4U Anniversary?

    i really more Post-Adults the most ^_^
  11. *Hayden*

    How many Tamagotchi's do you have?

    Curious ^_^
  12. *Hayden*

    Tamagotchi 4U Post-Adult Project

    This is where we can put our information on how to get specific Post-Adult stages :newmametchi: I already know a few like Mametchi Naughty Mametchi: Take bad care of Mametchi Mamerobatchi: Take good care of Mametchi Kuchipatchi Kuchipatchin: Overfeed Kuchipatchi Ikemen Kuchipatchi...
  13. *Hayden*

    Tamagotchi 4U Favourite Item Project

    I've been working on favorite items for characters on the 4U, and I can't find some, so I guess we could get info from other people :mimitchi: I already have most of them, but any help would be much appreciated ^_^ Mametchi Experiment Kit Kings Crown Cleaning Robot Kuchipatchi...
  14. *Hayden*

    Rakuten HELP

    How do I change the address of an order, I put the wrong postcode UGHhhHHHhhhHH Oh yeah, and when can I pay for the order? Its already in stock >_>
  15. *Hayden*

    What are you most excited about the 4U?

    I'm most excitedd for the Post Adult characters ^_^
  16. *Hayden*


    Was wonderingwhat the process was when you pay with PayPal on websites. Like will I pay, then check my email, then confirm, or...? IDK please help :D
  17. *Hayden*

    HLJ Help

    Uh, I have a few questions regarding HLJ... Q1; Is it possible to combine two orders together? Q2; When items come in stock for preorders on HLJ, and they are in a Private Warehouse, do you pay for the preorder in the order section, and the shipping in the warehouse, or just altogether in the...
  18. *Hayden*

    Guessing Game (Remake [again])

    Your first guess I will say how many was right, but second guesses I will say incorrect if its not fully correct for a few people Yes, again because I have nothing to do anyway, I will tell you if you got 1 correct or two correct on your first guess, but only for a few people or else it will...
  19. *Hayden*

    Guessing game (remake from EMF)

    i have permission from EMF, yay So, uhh, I;'m thinking of three Tamagotchi characters and you have to guess what they are, I'll give hints for some of the first 2-3 guesses B) Mametchi Memetchi Kuchipatchi Lovelitchi Melodytchi Makiko Gozarutchi Kuromametchi Violetchi Kikitchi...
  20. *Hayden*

    Japanese Google Play Account

    Does anyone actually know how to get a Japanese Google Play Account for the upcoming 4U app? Thanks :D