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  1. *Hayden*


    I still check every few weeks or month so yeah I guess sort of
  2. *Hayden*

    Hi, hi !

    hello welcome~ i do not speak french but that is cool, tamatalk!!! yeah!!!!
  3. *Hayden*


    welcome to tamatalk! i hope you enjoy your stay :blink:
  4. *Hayden*

    Mod Break

    14 boop! take that mods~~~
  5. *Hayden*

    What made you happy today?

    I ate some custard and even though I got a little tipsy (silly me didn't read the label, it had whiskey in it lol!), it was still quite enjoyable. Overall, 4 stars.
  6. *Hayden*

    disappointed with tamagotchi 20th anniversary edition.. =/

    To be fair, the chibi was made basic on purpose. It's target audience was towards millennials who nowadays have jobs and are busy, so it makes sense to why it was made to be low maintenance, but also kids who don't really have to do much to keep it alive. The fact that people have to literally...
  7. *Hayden*

    Bandai America Releasing the 2017 Tamagotchi Mini This Fall

    Ordered the transparent blue chibi from Toys R Us Australia! It arrived at the warehouse on Friday and hasn't shipped yet, but fingers crossed hopefully soon.
  8. *Hayden*

    Mod Break

  9. *Hayden*

    Mod Break

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    Mod Break

  11. *Hayden*

    Mod Break

  12. *Hayden*

    Australia- EB Games pre-order tamagotchi chibi

    Do you know if they specified if it was in Japanese or English? :o
  13. *Hayden*

    Customixing the Spacy mix...

    You'll have to open it up, there should be a few guides on YouTube
  14. *Hayden*

    New to Tamagotchi Mix, need a bit of help.

    1. The hat is an accessory and can only be used as an adult via the chest icon 2. 1-3 weeks, depends. When it runs out of battery, make sure you select the top option when inserting new ones (the top option being download and the bottom reset) 3. Just search Tamagotchi M!X guide and stuff...
  15. *Hayden*

    Hayden's Tamagotchi Log

    Forgot to update for a bit, but basically I married Whaletchi to Mimitchi who gave birth to a baby girl who grew up as; Shiropuchitchi>Kuribotchi>Hinatchi>Dorotchi! Was ecstatic to see her evolve into Dorotchi because I was seriously expecting a horrible care character like Masktchi...
  16. *Hayden*

    Hayden's Tamagotchi Log

    Lowkey just turning into a V2 log Tamagotchi V2 Dumbells I bought from the shop for Whaletchi, seriously love the animations on the V2 omg Whaletchi finally got married and had a baby girl as well ayyyyy
  17. *Hayden*

    Hayden's Tamagotchi Log

    Tamagotchi V2 Well I accidentally paused her whilst she was in my bag during school and never ended up ageing so I guess I can't marry her off today, but rather tomorrow. Oh well, don't mind too much keeping her around for a bit longer, was spamming the slot game so I can buy more stuff at...
  18. *Hayden*

    Hayden's Tamagotchi Log

    Tamagotchi V2 Turned 6 today but the matchmaker never came for her sadly. At first I sorta hated Whaletchi but I've grow attached to her, oh well. Tamagotchi Nano Got Lovelitchi, meh. I played and won like 30 games but I guess that's not enough to get Melodytchi?? Such a waste of time rip...
  19. *Hayden*

    What made you happy today?

    Bucket of popcorn chicken from KFC bc I'm fat uwu