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    Meet in Music City

    We will all gather in a private/used server for these days: Saturday, if you can. Sunday, if you can. We can either meet in these places. I'll put a vote, so that we can see whether it's server MAMETCHI 1 (used) or MAMETCHI 6 (private) In your post do what you'd prefer to go to, and your...
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    The wrong time

    ----------------------------------------------------- Fill out a form like this: Name: Age: Gender: Personality: Likes: Dislikes: Quote: Relationship: ----------------------------------- Name:Destiny Age: 17 Gender:Girl Personality: geek. Eyes are blurred cuz of that computer...
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    Discovering Earth

    Ok, so this is like any other RPs. Do not use the type of tamagotchi that is already used. You are a tamagotchi, like any other, and you're caught in a whirlwind towards Earth. You fill out a form similar to this: ------------------------- Name: Type of Tamagotchi: Age: Personality...
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    an account to help on MC

    Are you a great room designer on Tamagotchi Music City? Is your room full of stardom items, so you are afraid it will never look the same again? Well, there's no problem at all... I'm going to create a special account that anyone may use as they like! On certain conditions- If the "special"...
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    I had a first place CD for years and now its gone! help!
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    Dazzilitchi's Diary

    Please, no spamming! Punctuation, no writing with no periods! EX. I left to school today I really liked it i hope I can see that kid again bye Thats it! have fun! Feb. 1 Winter is awesome, don't you find? Makiko, Lovelitchi and I had a huge snowball fight this afternoon. And some stalkers...
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    Meet in Music City

    Hi everyone and (to some of you)welcome to Tamatalk! Well I know that everyone wants to get friends in Music City, so, People can Type their ID's here, and also others can PM to meet you on MC! Just Your ID, but if anything else needs to be told, feel free to do so :) Ex: My iD is...
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    Music City Help

    You all know how to make an account... But if you dont, log in to TamaTown Create an ID, and write your parent's email. (In my case, no, since my parents passed away. :( ) Or your email. An ID, as an example, would be something like this:AB1234 Create a user name and a password, to log in...
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    Hide and seek arrangements

    Read carefully- I planned this looking at someone else`s useless topic- This is where u can arrange hide and go seek times with people who posted on this topic. If you want to join the Hide and Go seek group (HGSG) than fill out a form like this- (this is an example) ID- AA0000 Favorite...
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    Do you have guest friends?

    I wuz wondering. check back in ur friends list and check for guests. I'm sure you have some... Or you might be a guest yourself- feel welcome to answer, whichever person you are- Especially celebrities that have a full friend list- ! :rolleyes: :) I... well... purposely have 2-4 g.f...
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    Mametchi, Memetchi, Makiko...

    Once there was a Memetchi named Kity who went to Tama Stream Academy. It was a beautiful school, but not as beautiful as Kity. Once a boy posted a love note on her locker saying he loved her, with a girl's destiny beside it! a mametchi named Henric was especially fond of her. he went over to...
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    What is your contest score this week!

    Just wondering what anyones scores are... First write your score than the week... 10th place, week of April 25th. Keep logging your scores here!
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    Stardom items

    if you had 2 stardom items and sumone needed one, would you trade him it or would you just give it to him? If he had nothing but an empty apartement? and he needed a livestage wallpaper? IF HE WAS YOUR BEST FRIEND??? Well, i would if he was super poor, on level one or deleted his account
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    stupid richness

    There was once a mimitchi with so much money she thought it was nothing. She spent it on everything she wanted until she saw a shadow of either a mametchi or kuromametchi. This made her scared. One thing- were they really a mametchi or kuromametchi? Up to her to find out. she approached...
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    News for Music City

    So I've decided we could make a news for music city. Like First we've got to think of a name for our news. And then we have to see who are our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placers. It would also be nice to tell us what place you got. I'm not so good at this so I'm just asking if any of you TTers would...
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    so can anyone tell me thier SECRET rooms?

    My secret room is Mametchi 9. I like going there with my friends for meetings and stuff. I go to public rooms most of the time but when i want to be with my friends ONLY, i go there. Where do you go?
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    Who are your two BEST FRIENDS on MC?

    My two best friends are TS3756 and BS2374. My ID is TS9523. just if you don't know. I think TS3756's best friends are BS2374 and me. I want to know YOUR best friends!
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    How do i get 1st gold cd VERY FAST

    so, i learned that to get 4th you need to win a month and a half in the 100ths. but for first it takes longer! please someone tell me how i get it fast!
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    please help!

    ok, so you know those 14-30 trophies? i won 14th place in the contest but i won a trophy for participation! can someonee tell me this?
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    Young Mimitchi wants a job

    There was a :D . She was so upset, after learning she was too young for a job, and her Bday was yesterday. :mimitchi: If you were going to look SO forward to a job, and then you learned you have to wait another year, you get... well, upset. So today, Young Mimitchi made :P hire her to...