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  1. aqua husky


    Hello! This is were you can give different tips or updates on ACNH! You can also show or tell others things that are going on at your island! Photos are recommend!
  2. aqua husky

    Just a little wile.

    Hello everyone! I missed you guys a lot! I am not going to be on for a little wile because I haven't messed with my tamas for a long time. I am not asking for my account to be deleted. I will be back soon! Bye! :angry:
  3. aqua husky

    Christmas group hatch!!! (Tamagotchi pix)

    Hello everyone! Yes, this is a Christmas group hatch, made in august. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I will be getting a pix around Christmas day! So if you want to join this pix group hatch you are more than welcome to! I was hoping to start it on the 25th of December. 🎄
  4. aqua husky

    Future Tama pix owner

    You guys probably already know I am currently running two Gen 2 Tamas but I am going to get a pix soon! (In 4 months) I was wondering if any of you who have a pix could give me some tips or how to do different things on a pix. I have already know everything about the original tamagotchis and...
  5. aqua husky

    Tamagotchi moments

    Remember that time when your tama did something funny or embarrassing in public or at home? Yes. Once I was in a Carter's store in Branson (Missouri) and everyone was really quiet then all the sudden, BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! And my tama didn't need anything! Everyone was staring at me and my...
  6. aqua husky

    Tamagotchi gen 2 character names and personality

    Names based on the character Personality based on the character
  7. aqua husky

    New account, not so new member

    You have probably seen the name of this and thought, what??? Yes, it is true. I am also @apua husky! (I promise I am NOT lying) I am still a little new but it is nice to meet you all!
  8. aqua husky

    Ways to keep your tamagotchi alive longer

    These are just some simple tips on how to help your tama live longer. (for all kinds) #1 Keeping weight in check: Keeping a tamagotchi's weight in check can be a little hard, especially if you are a new tamagotchi care taker. The best ways to do it...
  9. aqua husky

    Cool tama facts

    How long can a tama last with out care? What is the secret tama character? What was the oldest tamagotchi age? I hope you found these facts as cool as I did!
  10. aqua husky

    The goods and bads about a tamagotchi pix

    I don't have a tamagotchi pix yet and I am wondering if it is worth it. So if you have one I am asking you what you like and don't like about your tama. If you are like me and are wondering about that take a look at the comments.
  11. aqua husky

    Your tamagotchi (quiz)

    Hi everyone! This quiz is for all tamagotchi kinds! QUIZ TIME!!! 1. What is your current tama's name? 2. how old is your current tama? 3. Do you see your tama as a pet, child, or something to keep you company? 4. what animal is your current tama? 5. That is all for today!!! I hope you...
  12. aqua husky

    How much should a tamagotchi weigh? (gen 1 and 2)

    Both gen 1 and 2 are pretty much the same way in weight so these are both measured in oz and lb. baby: 5-10 toddler :11-16 child: 20-30 teen: 30-40 adult: 40-70