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  1. Mamitchi245

    How did you discover Tamagotchi?

    LOL reply fail
  2. Mamitchi245

    How did you discover Tamagotchi?

    size="5"]Same as kurogozametchi[[/size]
  3. Mamitchi245

    Do you feel guilty unpacking tamagotchis?

    NO! Sorry! but no I feel excited when unpacking mine.
  4. Mamitchi245

    How do your tamas feel to you?

    My first gen Mametchi is always my favorite. I always take care of it, never paused never neglected, even his daughter, It's father's name was Ernest (named by me) and her Julia (also by me) My tama is a tama-go so I can't really name it.
  5. Mamitchi245

    Tama-Go Bunny?

  6. Mamitchi245

    My tamas fall on their faces?

    My Bellitchi always falls on it's face when using the treadmill.
  7. Mamitchi245

    Training question

    THANKS! and oh, violetchi lover, It's a Tama-go
  8. Mamitchi245


    I did the same thin I got a Bell-itchi, so i put my Ichigotchi figure in then took it off and pput the "lite" mametchi figure and choose "GAME, after a few seconds it froze! When I took the figure out of my tama-go it said "SEE YOU next time" then right when the banner was displayed I saw my...
  9. Mamitchi245

    Training question

    When I train my tamagotchi sometimes I press the B button on "PRAISE" a few times, then my tama is saying no and smiles, or more like its smirking, what does this mean? That is all, thanks!