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  1. CheeWaWa

    Supermodel Tamagotchi On

    Whenever you unlock the Beauty Salon on your Tamagotchi On, there's 2 supermodel tamagotchis. Does anyone know their names? Thanks!
  2. CheeWaWa

    I've got a question with the fortune telling item

    Yeah only a sun pops up for me
  3. CheeWaWa

    I've got a question with the fortune telling item

    In my Tamagotchi On Magic Edition, I bought the fortune telling item from the magic shop. I kept using it only to find out it kept saying the same thing over and over "it will be sunny outside." I was wondering if it says anything else and if anyone has had any other experiences with the fortune...
  4. CheeWaWa

    Tamagotchi On Marry

    Hey I've got a tamagotchi in the tamagotchi on. I was wondering if anyone wanted to marry it? Thanks!
  5. CheeWaWa

    It's been two years..

    I have been on here for two years- and now I'm looking back at my posts and cringing lmao anyone else relate?
  6. CheeWaWa


    Aw! Cute! Thanks for the help, I couldn't find out what it was! And now that you mention it, it does look like a hamster haha
  7. CheeWaWa


    Why is there a tiny white and brown cat beside my Tamagotchi? It's not an accessory, so I don't know why it's there. Help?
  8. CheeWaWa

    What's Your Favorite Tamagotchi Connection Device?

    Tamagotchi Friends/Tamagotchi On I love the newer Tamagotchi's because I can't wait for the newer ones!   
  9. CheeWaWa

    Can you tell me what genes this tamagotchi is from? Thanks!

    Okay, I'll upload a picture! Thanks! I was trying to but it wouldn't let me. Not quite, let me upload a picture Here's the picture! 
  10. CheeWaWa

    Can you tell me what genes this tamagotchi is from? Thanks!

    It has blue hair, little horn buns, a cat, it’s grey, and it has sparkly eyes
  11. CheeWaWa

    Comment by 'CheeWaWa' in media 'My tama'

  12. CheeWaWa

    Achievements on the app?

    You get a new prize every day! The more points you get, the better, or worse. If it says something like: If you score 600 points, you get a cake. You have to score somewhere inside 600, like 687 for instance.  Hope this helps! Tell me if you are still confused!  ^_^
  13. CheeWaWa


    1. How do I delete a forum 2. How to I go out of a group that I started 3. How do I delete a group (My questions regarding deleting things on TamaTalk)
  14. CheeWaWa

    Tamagotchi ID item

    Sorry, but I don't think you can recover anything once you lost it.  :( My regards, Chee This is the best I can do for you.
  15. CheeWaWa

    My Dream Tamagotchi

    Sanitary: There are several ways to keep you tamagotchi clean on the Tamagotchi World. In fact, you NEED to make it a daily thing. If you choose bathroom, there are some options that will look like this: Toilet Bath Comb Wash hands Brush Teeth _____ (Some other option) If you choose...
  16. CheeWaWa


    Ohhhhhhhhh...  :(
  17. CheeWaWa

    MyMeets keeps freezing?

    Alright! Thank you so much!  :D
  18. CheeWaWa

    MyMeets keeps freezing?

    Sorry! I meant the Tama ON app on windows 10 😶
  19. CheeWaWa

    Did Dream Town Shut Down?

    Can someone tell me the link to the Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, because I can't find it anywhere!