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  1. Ashiya

    What tamagotchi choose? Please help me with your opinion

    IDL is great! I kinda wanna run it instead of my ON.... I'm at my third generation with my ON and I have to say I wish it had tamatomo badges like the idl/P's xP I like collecting them, I feel like I have a "purpose" or a goal. So far I'm a bit lost with what to do on my ON cause when you go to...
  2. Ashiya

    What tamagotchi choose? Please help me with your opinion

    Hey fellow brazilian :p I've only had a few tamas so I'm not really knowledgeable but my favorite is my P's. I have no idea how the 4U is like, but I like that you can patch the menu to english so at least some of it is understandable. I dont like not being able to read the japanese ones ^^' So...
  3. Ashiya

    Your Collection

    Ahhh I love seeing the collections. I only have 3 now xD (an IDLE, a P's and a ON), I sold 3 recently but I also ordered more, they will take time to arrive though (Meets Sweets, a Fairy Fee ON, another P's and the NiziU Smart). I had an original english gen 1 tama but I have no idea where I put...
  4. Ashiya

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    2 cause that's how many I can run with 4 rechargeable batteries that I have at the moment - My P's and a ON Wonder Garden I recently got. I hadn't logged in here in years! I come back to tamatalk and suddenly I find out I missed out on the ON AND the Pix AND Smart releases lmao!
  5. Ashiya

    Reccomended Tamagotchi Version?

    I have two P's with english patches I found on ebay, maybe you could find one. I prefer to have english tamas so if you can't find the P's I'd go with On.
  6. Ashiya

    What do you collect? Show it off!

    I also collect anime figures (haven't taken a photo of them in so long!) and own 2 ball jointed dolls... I'll be expanding my collections of those in 2020! This is my resin bjd, I also have a plastic DAL Heiwa.
  7. Ashiya

    Do you remember your first tama?

    Yes, it was the white/blue 1st generation. I adored it even though I thought it was too hard to take care of lol. I prefered playing with Raku Raku Dinokun but the tama was still more valuable and special to me. I still own it but don't know if it works.
  8. Ashiya

    Possible to have too many of the same Tamagotchi?

    I have a white/pink one, a blue one and want a purple/pink one, if I can find it and afford it one day. So yeah xD If you already have 2 I don't see how 3 or 4 are too many since you can connect them all.
  9. Ashiya

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    These days I got my first P's (used):
  10. Ashiya

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Waiting for a new blue P's from ebay.
  11. Ashiya

    Buy New or Buy Used?

    My used tama came in really great, almost perfect condition. I love it and don't mind not having the box, I don't have room to keep it.
  12. Ashiya

    Will the P's pierces lose value due to vdp?

    I don't have an infrared device so I can't use virtual deco pierces. Moeover though, I just prefer to have official tamagotchi things. While the pierces aren't high priority for me and I already have a lot of other things to spend money on, I do think it's interesting but still don't have a way...
  13. Ashiya


    Meh I haven't felt like trying that app since I've always had the real classic tamagotchi :P There was something called Kawaii Pet Megu that was kinda fun but they closed it. I do prefer having it on a different device than on my phone too cause with all the things I do on my phone I end up...
  14. Ashiya

    Buy New or Buy Used?

    I ended up buying a blue new one, but what I took into account most was that it's probably harder to find english tamas that are new than used, and that I already bought one secondhand (and also that I wanted a blue one slightly more). New one was pretty pricey though...
  15. Ashiya

    Buy New or Buy Used?

    You basically asked the questions I wanted to ask ^^' So I can't hep you there I bought a used P in english and it didn't seem in that bad condition from the photos (I've seen some photos of very dirty Ps). It'll be a long time till it gets here though (probably 2-3 months). I'm looking to buy...
  16. Ashiya

    Hi to my fellow Tamagotchi fans!

    Welcome! I'd love to know your thoughts on the secondhand tama as I'm getting one too for the first time.
  17. Ashiya

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    OMG that's so cute, I want one xD My used english-patched Aikatsu version P's has just been shipped to me and I'm also waiting for the pink IDLE I bought. Considering brazilian customs it's probably gonna take about 3 months ^^''' I want another P's too but not sure which to get. I'm between...
  18. Ashiya

    Instagram Tamagotchi related profiles

    When I got my IDL I started posting pictures there but someone stole one of my photos so I stopped... Might start again when my P's arrive if I have the energy to put a watermark on the pics, then I could join
  19. Ashiya

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Plushies D: Amuse plushies to be exact. Buying plushies. Buying things D: Browsing online shops. Ugh.
  20. Ashiya


    I actually would love to know of any decent smartphone app virtual pet, I only have Cthulhu Virtual Pet and I think that's the best I've seen on my iphone. I believe most people outside Japan don't even know tamagotchis still exist (no one I talk to knows), so there's no way to know if they'd...