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  1. Mairym91

    I'm looking for this one

    Hello, i'm looking for this one Does anyone know where to find it?
  2. Mairym91

    Johnny pet EQ

    Does anyone know how to turn up the EQ level of the Johnny pet? Win or lose the game the bar is empty it just went up a bit last night when he went to sleep and I turned off the light for him. It's a Johnny Dinosaur
  3. Mairym91

    Care guide of Nano Puppy clon

    Hello, I have a nano puppy clone and the attention icon lights up every so often even though he has all his needs met (he is clean, disciplined, not hungry, happy and healthy) It only turns off when I give it a snack, but that's harmful and I don't want it to end up dying Can anyone tell me why...