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  1. Tamagotchibabe<3

    Best Tamagotchi + Color era tamas?

    Interesting! Yeah that’s really interesting, I’ve mostly seen negative stuff on the Pix so hearing someone who’s very positive on it instead is cool. Glad I asked this question. The pix looks amazing to me personally. It’s shell design is really nice and sleek. I think I’d probably want to get...
  2. Tamagotchibabe<3

    Best Tamagotchi + Color era tamas?

    Ooooh interesting! Thank-you, this is really helpful especially the stuff about what’s a quick fun run and what’s a little harder, it’s much appreciated :)
  3. Tamagotchibabe<3

    Best Tamagotchi + Color era tamas?

    Hey guys, so my experience as a kid really was only with the Connection tamagotchis, especially V2-V4. Since then I’ve looked a lot at the gens before like the very first classic tamagotchi, Angelgotchi etc. And the nanos. But looking into anything around +color makes my head spin a bit tbh. I’m...
  4. Tamagotchibabe<3

    Do you remember your first tama?

    My first tama was the Connection V3 with a white with pink flowers shell (English/European). I got it when I was really young. The shell was SO chipped and it turned yellow/grey by the time I was an adult, and I ended up deciding to get a new pair of V3s. So what did I foolishly do? I sold...
  5. Tamagotchibabe<3

    How many Tamas should i have running?

    I know you've already figured it out but it really can be surprising how difficult to care for they can get when you rack them up into like 4+. I've only really got experience with connections and nanos but I was surprised just how much worse the characters were getting/how many near death...