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    Funny quotes/phrases/sayings

    "if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off." xD
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    Lucid Dreaming

    Lucid dreaming is always fun. I had a dream where I was flying, and trying to convince myself that I wasn't dreaming.... then I woke up and I was like, "Shoot." xD ~Alimania
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    Your Political Party

    Individual. I want to vote for whoever deserves it-- I bend easily. Alimaina
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    What's the weirdest thing you've found

    It was a virus, but once I was using my dad's laptop, and porn popped up. I was like, "AUUUGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!" and closed the screen. Sorry if that's not...TTA (TamaTalk appropiete)
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    what's your current ringtone?

    "Without You" from the musical, "Rent". I love that song. So sad, but it has a lot of meaning.
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    My little brother's toy says profanity!

    I'm sorry.... but that's hilarious. But not when a little boy hears it! Like... it's only funny to us sick-minded teenagers. Lol. :D But jeez... I can imagine why they would go back to McDonald's after that! I would love for something like that to happen to me! :wacko: ~Alimania
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    Whoa that's SICK! How did you do that and how far did you fall?? Um... I'm going to camp for six weeks, and then I'm going to the Carribean. :blink:
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    Bracelets - Remember Power Bracelet?

    I don't even know of either... I make friendship bracelets.... :P
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    How do you

    I rip my dad's CD's and then sell them on Ebay. Then I get half the prophit, and some extra for the labor. I've already earned a little bit over $1,000.00. ~Alimania
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    Do people think you look your age?

    I'm thirteen and someone thought I was a junior in college.... I was like "Um.. I'm thirteen..." ~Alimania
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    pet birds

    I do. It's trained to say "I've been a good boy" even though it's a girl, "I want to go" and does this annoying siren thing at the most random things. It's 48 years old. No offense to it, but it just won't die. I am forced to live with it. It is my dad's girlfriend's bird, and if she moves in...
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    Law & Order....

    OMG LOVE IT!! And the funny black guy is the original Collins in Rent!! :D So... anyone else love it?? ~Alimania
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    Have you ever...

    Yeah, once... Can you say, rig-of-boat-plus-foot-equals-bad-wound-at-hospital? 'Nuff said. :D
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    Okay, so Freewebs isn't cooporating, GeoCities is ticking me off... I just want one of those cool sites that you can make, that you can like... digitalize, and do all of that cool stuff to! HOW DO YOU DO IT?! ~Alimania
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    how do i get...

    Erm... Forever 21 has them... I only know because of my friend. My legs are too big. :)
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    Have you ever had a broken bone(s)?

    Yup. 3 times. All in the same summer. At the same camp. My big toe-- so I have sailing lessons, and my foot was between a boat and the dock. So I was rigging the boat, and people were like "Watch out!" And I was like "What do you mean? Watch out for wh--" and then the boat jammed my big toe...
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    Jeez we're all so IGNORANT! I personally don't believe in swears. They're just words! Besides emotionally, how can they harm someone? If someone said a swear, would a knife just randomly strike the person in the head...? I wonder where the word "balloon" came from. I mean, seriously. Balloon....??
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    Neither. Everything besides glass and cement would melt. And also, my house wouldn't stay up if a baseball went through it, and cement would be boring and hard. I'd like to have one out of laminated Play Bills of all Broadway shows. See what it's like. :ichigotchi: ~Alimania
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    my anti-suicide drawing...

    Uh.. jeez... wow..... That's seriously good. I mean, I can understand the "dead and dropped the gun" thing, but at the same time, I can see the "realizing that it's selfish" thing too. I just love it--it's so pretty. I wish I could draw like that! I'm still on stick figures. :)
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    Supersize me

    I got sick after watching that. I haven't eaten at Mccy D's ever since.