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    eraser burns..

    whats that
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    Do you think people should cut/"kill" trees?

    Yes! But we should atleast try to not cut down so many. Cause if we do there will be none left! =O
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    I forget what video it was. I think it was that crap in a box video you showed us on TC?
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    Algebra Help..

    Me neither.
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    Yeah. And one of the comments was from this fetish guy. o_o\
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    Just because you're a "punk" doesn't mean that you have to wear converses. Sterotypical much.
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    Do you crack your body parts?

    Only my ankles.
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    Nightly Beauty Routine

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    Like it or not?

    No not really.
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    Interesting (and possibly embarassing) Facts

    -I hump poles (Don't ask) -I must receive 10 hugs a day or I'll be very upset -My stomach hurts almost every single night before I got to sleep. -Sometimes I enjoy being tickled. (I know I'm a very strange person) -I have peed in a pool many times. -I love almost every single animal that...
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    lynn lake mine

    I found a website that I found rather resourceful
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    Party Ideas

    Okay, so my birthday party is in 3/4 weeks. I know it's a long time but I wan't ideas. Since I'm getting a bit older I'm not gonna have a huge bursting party. I'm gonna have 5-8 people. I wan't something themed though. When you tell me what theme could you please include stuff I should buy...
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    How are you feeling?

    My tummy hurts. :[
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    Compliment The Person Above You.

    I like your username!
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    Haha. Wait, Im confused. Are you staying on x.N e o n or the other account?
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    Does anyone have converse? I do! I have A black and white pair I got some time back. So do you have a pair of converses?
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    Rate the person above's Avvie game!

    8/10. :]
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    Are you a.......

    Is she the one you stole the cookie from in your video? xPP
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    Considering the fact that there are only nine grade fives and sixteen grade sixes, no.
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    when is your B-Day?

    ONE DAY BEFORE MINE! Yippeee. lol