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    How old is to old...

    It's a bit weird to see older kids (age 15 or more) going around in groups of 4-6 trick or treating. They can look frightening all dressed up in their costumes and some little kids can find it quite freaky - especially if the older ones are all hyper too. Two years ago a group of older kids...
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    What are you listening to now?

    The Stranglers - No More Heroes
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    A Tribute to The World.

    Dead Puppies.... A Tribute to The World.. wft? Nice video - but you need to take your meds now dear :P :furawatchi:
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    Recalled Stuff From China...

    There is nothing that we can do.. it's not up to us - it's up to the Toy Companies. Big Toy Companies (like Mattel - and others) choose to use Chinese manufacturers to produce their toys for the market. Usually because it's cheaper than using other countries. They choose the cheapest...
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    OMG! my bestie just got a secret character!

    TamaMum got a Makiko. Here's a link to her topic:
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    Ver 3 VS Ver 4

    The differences between the V3 and V4 are huge - too many to list It's like comparing a ... bycycle with a motorbike :D They've got things in common - but the game is totally different - if you haven't got a V4 yet, you should :furawatchi:
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    for KIko_girl

    Hope you don't mind me mentioning it... I don't want this to sound mean, but if you want to "talk" to Kiko_girl you should use the PM system - the forums are for posting messages / questions to everyone :furawatchi:
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    Which one

    Pencil icon is for intelligence skills Star icon is for arts/style skills Flower icon is for social/kindness skills Intelligence jobs: Hospital (Doctor), Bank, School, Laboratory, TV Studio (News Reader) Arts/Style jobs: Rock Star, Baker, Hairdresser, Fashion Designer, Florist...
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    Please Help Me :(

    I would stop drinking the Orange juice - that'll probably make you visit the toilet even more :D Drink plenty of water instead
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    Congratulations - it's a good feeling isn't it :D (I've got the Clear Blue Stars one and I love it!)
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    Is the v4 bad or good?

    The V4 is better than the V1-3 because there are more features You play the game a different way. You collect GPs like before to buy stuff from the shop - but you also get Life Points when you are playing and these help you get a job when you're an Adult. It's more complicated than the older...
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    You can get babies by lots of IR connecting - not just the Matchmaker bringing a match for your tama. If you connect a lot with another tama of the opposite gender they will become best friends, then when they are both Adults (within 24hrs) if you connect again they will have babies - one for...
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    LOL - chill! :D There's nothing you can do about it so there's no point in stressing yourself. Ha ha - maybe she bought you a V4 :P
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    You know, it may just be that you have missed the calls for attention that the tama makes. Listen out for the Tama's Attention beeping. That is a sign that you could get a training point. The little Attention Icon lights up too. If you don't hear the beep you may be missing the chance to get...
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    How many Tamagotchis do you have?

    I have several - and it's not enough!! (but it is all I can afford / am allowed to buy) :blink:
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    I found more than 6 V4 designs!

    Nice find... but, aw sorry - I think that Admin already posted these designs back in December last year :blink: There's a link on the left hand side (column) of the TamaTalk page called "First Look At the Tamagotchi Connection v4 USA Designs"...
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    V4 Button C jump?

    Yes - every time you press C it comes up to the screen to take a closer look at you :blink: Cute, eh?
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    how do i know?

    Well you have to have debugged your tama for a start. If you don't know how to debug - then your tama will not be in hyper speed :blink:
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    When do i get the Air Plain Tickets?

    Travel Tickets are items that appear in the shop. You have to have enough points to buy them don't forget :blink: When you buy them they then appear in your Items list. If you have a V4 there is no point in using them yet because the Travel Agency area of V4 tama town isn't opened up yet -...
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    Wrong adress

    OK - that's easy then Tell your parents. You can get them to cancel the order and then re-new it with the correct address. If you can't cancel it, then get them to print off the order and go speak to #194 (with your parents). I am sure if you try to explain what happened the people at #194...