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  1. Mathew Belmont

    We can change our usernames now? ㆁωㆁ

    Yes, I changed mine from .:[email protected]:. to just my name, since the extra "T" was annoying me. My name is spelled with only one T. I did it the first day of the upgrade, but I think you have to wait for it to be approved. I think mine took a week to be approved.
  2. Mathew Belmont

    Do you remember your first tama?

    My first Tamagotchi was a V3 hand-me-down from my older two siblings, which I then gave to my younger sister. I now have it in my possession, and it's miraculously in nearly perfect condition after all of us. My siblings all lost interest in Tamagotchis after some years, but I didn't. Now, 15...
  3. Mathew Belmont

    Tamagotchi +Color in English? 😯

    This is my favorite version of Tamagotchi, I'd love if they re-released it in English. This is probably the most interesting find for a Tamagotchi I've ever seen. I'm curious to know if there are others out there. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Mathew Belmont

    Just found this clean out our home real or fake

    The "TS" logo is in place of the Bandai logo, as well. It could still be fun to play, but it is definitely a fake.
  5. Mathew Belmont

    Will Bandai ever rerelease something like Tamagotchi connect?

    I wish they'd release the V5, familitchi, in color. I liked the family dynamic, and how many characters there were. I don't really think they will release previous connections again. They released the original versions, because of their popularity in the past. I guess for those riding the wave...
  6. Mathew Belmont

    Collection Storage

    My favorite storage method I have for myself, are combination briefcases with foam padding inside. I cut out the exact shape for the Tamagotchi to fit into, in the foam, and they stay in there without falling or moving around. I also like that it has a combination lock on it, that way nobody can...
  7. Mathew Belmont

    Is my Tamagotchi Music Star a fake?

    Glad I could help. Its definitely a legit one, and a nice design as well. Music Stars are hard to find these days.
  8. Mathew Belmont

    Is my Tamagotchi Music Star a fake?

    The first wave of all Tamagotchi Music Stars had the formatting for the date that way. It wasn't until the second wave in America that they fixed it to fit America's format we use for dates. I remember Bandai put out a statement saying "Tamagotchis were so excited to be music stars that they got...
  9. Mathew Belmont

    What's your holy grail tama?

    I'd like another Green P's and another Green iD L. Mainly for collection purposes since mine both have a tiny bit of scratches on the screen. I want another V5.5 red with stars (I gave my two away to my friends), because the purple pearl coat to it looks so nice. Oh, and the Santaclautchi and...
  10. Mathew Belmont

    What Tamagotchi is this?

    Thank you so much for the info. It has been driving me crazy trying to find it. I want the pink one hahaha. It's kinda crazy how many collaborations Tamagotchi, as a brand, has. They have really have ventured into places i wouldn't expect. Also, yes, Ura Togetchi is the best. A...
  11. Mathew Belmont

    What Tamagotchi is this?

    I don't know where to post this, so I figured it should be in the help section.  Now I digress...The photo below is the Tamagotchi I own in question. I've had this Tamagotchi for over a decade now, I know it is a Tamagotchi Plus, I have the packaging and all that came with it. I've never seen...
  12. Mathew Belmont

    My backround is red?!

    The house is dirty. Each room will get this way after a few days. Be sure to buy the 3 items (broom, vacuum, and mop) at the Tama Depa store.
  13. Mathew Belmont

    TMGC+C Storms?

    There aren't storms on the iD L. The TMGC+C is the only version with them present. The only way you can play games is if you change the date, you are not able to go outside because the storm's winds are too strong. To make your plants grow faster you can buy the item that speeds up growth on...
  14. Mathew Belmont

    Favorite era of Tamagotchi characters?

    I don't particularly enjoy the new modern ones, as they seem generic to me, but that might be just because I've never watched the Anime. I really like the vintage, early connection, and late connection, this might be because they are the most familiar to me. The characters from early models...
  15. Mathew Belmont

    Blank Familitchi: real or fake?

    I really want this lol. It seems to have an iridescent purple shade, much like the red with stars V5.5. It's interesting that they got a hold of these.
  16. Mathew Belmont

    Wich characters do you want to appear on the 4U?

    I really want to see some Vintage and V4/V4.5 characters. I'm hoping they have a wide range of downloadable characters rather than just new ones. I think Bandai Japan is making too many new characters and they have forgotten about the older ones. I hope that this release will change that and...
  17. Mathew Belmont

    Which color Tamagotchi 4U would you buy?

    I really want the Gold & White since those are my favorite colors, and it would match the color scheme of my room, which is gold and white.
  18. Mathew Belmont

    What's your V5 Family Name? Why Did You Pick The Name?

    When I had all my V5's running, I named them "TAMAS" because when I got my first V5 (Which was the first Tama I paid for with my own money) I named the family TAMAS. Now when I start up my V5's I name them that for nostalgia.
  19. Mathew Belmont

    Frustrated with Bandai

    I'm going to put this simply. Without any success of Tamagotchi's, they won't put effort and waste money on making a new Tamagotchi's. America as a country is very keen on "NEW." Let's face it Tamagotchi had its time in America, but America moved on. Example...
  20. Mathew Belmont

    Your stance on Facebook?

    I enjoy Facebook. It's a great way to connect with people I don't see because of distance. However, I find chatting online to be very boring and emotionless. If someone chats me on FB I usually ignore it or say bye. (Yeah that seems rude lol) I just feel that my generation depends solely on...