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  1. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    @ed3sjs You'll need to have a green egg and hope it hatches a boy. After that you need to make 0-1 care mistakes or feed him flower bread three times. This site is good for all the conditions needed to get any character.
  2. Flower_Mom

    thoughts on tamagotchi pix?

    The only other color Tama I've had besides my Pix is the P's. I think the Pix is way better in terms of gameplay and if I had to choose one I'd definitely choose the Pix. My one main gripe with the Pix aside from the touch buttons getting finicky when the batteries are close to giving is that I...
  3. Flower_Mom

    Rechargable Batteries

    I've been using EBL rainbow colored rechargeables that I bought on Amazon. They're very cute and colorful! So far they've been working great for me.
  4. Flower_Mom

    Tamagotchi keeps leaving

    To get a Tama to stay on the Pix you need to reach "Best Friends" level with them. On the status menu it should list the current friendship level. Try finding their favorite foods, snacks, items, and accessories (you'll know if it's a favorite because it will play a special animation) to reach...
  5. Flower_Mom

    What are you watching now?

    I've been watching Fraggle Rock. I binged all 13 episodes of the new reboot in a day and I've since been rewatching the original 80's series.
  6. Flower_Mom

    Happy 40th Anniversary, Commodore 64!

    @leogames2012 Does this really warrant getting upset about? (If you aren't upset I apologize, but I've always taken all caps text as shouting.) If people want to celebrate an old gaming computer, why can't they? Why does it matter if it's "dead"? I've never had a Commodore 64 but I do have a...
  7. Flower_Mom

    A p2 and a Pix

    @Bentobuff There's actually a site like this already! You don't even have to complete a puzzle to get the code!
  8. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    I'm very tempted to start my Pix back up. I miss having a little buddy to take care of. I'm undecided on if I want to continue and raise the blue egg Weeptchi left me or restart and get another Weeptchi. I discovered Mr. Blinky's QR codes so I could easily access every item to find all of his...
  9. Flower_Mom

    Quiz: Which Tamagotchi Character Are You?

    I got Kuchipatchi! Seems fitting since I do love napping and eating!
  10. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    Sadly, my Weeptchi just woke me up 10 minutes ago to ask me to make him an album. There wasn't an option to ask him to stay longer. I must have been a friendship stage below the necessary one to get that option. He went home an adorable pastry chef and sent me back a blue egg. I think I might...
  11. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    I got a few new recipes for red: red + red = Candy Apple red + yellow = Fruit Bowl red + white = Chicken Wings The Candy Apple is also another favorite snack of Weeptchi's! I also found out he doesn't like the Science Project at all. I assume the regular animation is supposed to involve making...
  12. Flower_Mom

    tamaninjacat's Tamagotchi Corner

    I have what might be a sort of odd question about the green Pix: exactly what shade of green is it? In your photos and some others I've seen it looks almost teal/turquoise. I don't know if that's from the lighting in the photos or my laptop's color settings, but if the shell really is that color...
  13. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    Thanks to @Dogfish's log I found another favorite item for Weeptchi: the sketchbook! I also have a few new recipes for black: black + blue = Cabbage Salad black + yellow = Burrito black + black = Squid Ink Risotto black + white = Soft Serve
  14. Flower_Mom

    Dogfish's Tama Log

    If you happen to still have your Weeptchi, I'm currently raising one and searching for all the likes/dislikes I can find for him. Here's what I have so far: Likes: - Tama Pot Pie (meal)* - Canele (snack)* - Big Slide (item) - Witch's Hat (accessory)* - Hamburger (meal) - Cupcake (snack) - Ice...
  15. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    I found another favorite snack for Weeptchi: ice cream tub! We've tried everything at the restaurant now except the party platter which I'll need to wait until Sunday to try. And we cooked some more foods using white today. Unfortunately, I didn't make anything that isn't already in my...
  16. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    Ping Pong is fun when the Pix registers my swipes correctly. Sometimes it does and other times it just can't seem to pick them up. I've noticed even regular button presses become kinda finicky when the batteries are starting to get low, so maybe now that I have some fresh ones in I can swipe...
  17. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    Day 5 I got a low battery signal today so I put in some new ones. I'm using EBL rainbow colored rechargeable batteries because I saw someone recommend them on Tumblr and I thought the colors were so cute. We watered our garden and played the cooking minigame again today. I got 2 out of 3 in...
  18. Flower_Mom

    Flower Mom's Pix Log

    Day 4 Today the sad boi was acquired! He immediately started crying in the corner because his happiness was low so I tried to play hula hoop with him a few times. I couldn't get any better than a Good ranking though. I put his earmuffs on him and we went to water the trees. Even with his...
  19. Flower_Mom

    Do you remember your first tama?

    The first Tamagotchi I ever had was a P2 with a translucent yellow shell and black buttons. My very first v-pet in general was a koala Giga Pet. I remember I wanted the T.Rex Giga Pet so bad but could never find it in stores.