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  1. Bentobuff

    new to tamagotchi parenthood

    Yeah, it kinda hurts to see the lil buddies suffering, and sometimes going one mistake too far... 😭 Keeping tabs on em like that, provided you're not overdoing it on the snacks, it sounds like your Tama will last to a ripe old age! 💖
  2. Bentobuff

    new to tamagotchi parenthood

    Welcome to the forum! I will note that odds are your tamas will still pass away after around 20 days, even with perfect care. Sadly most don't live a super long life, but at least you'll know you gave em a good life- and if you want to get every character for a challenge, no need to fret as much...
  3. Bentobuff


    Have you been changing the clock time? This is often done as a means to pause it, but things can sometimes get funky.
  4. Bentobuff

    why doesn't my tama's attention icon never light up

    If you're taking very good care of your Tama, the only real instances that it'll call out for attention is to build the discipline meter or when it goes to bed. It's normal for it to not need loads of attention except in the infant stage or when it reaches a geriatric age.
  5. Bentobuff

    How do I keep my tama safe!

    If it must be on a lanyard around your neck, tucking it into your shirt will minimize how much it can move.
  6. Bentobuff

    Squishmallow Day!

    That's so cool! I missed it the first time but I'll definitely add it to my calendar for next year!
  7. Bentobuff

    Is this a v4 or v5? It doesn’t state on packaging.

    V5. 👍 Familitchi and V5 are one and the same
  8. Bentobuff

    Tamagotchi Uni ??

    Oooooh exciting! That said, I don't think it could be a Smart, I don't think it has wifi connectivity. That said, with how elegantly the PIX handled not having it and still engaging in online play via QR codes, I'm surprised they're making that jump instead of, say, NFC(close range to protect...
  9. Bentobuff

    Help finding an old Tamagotchi Figure

    A saved ebay search always does the trick for me! Even if no one lists one for years, when one does go up, ebay, eager to make their coin, will email you about it! Make the terms vaguely broad tho, in case someone doesn't know what set it's from. I just did a search and put in completed items...
  10. Bentobuff

    Anyone know which model of Connection this is?

    It's actually not that surprising! The LCD screens are made to have those icons a very specific way! I can't remember exactly how I know, but it was either because I took two versions apart and accidentally put the wrong LCDs in, or put the LCD in one I was tinkering with upside down and the...
  11. Bentobuff

    Longtime lurker, now a member!

    Welcome to the Tama party!
  12. Bentobuff

    Anyone know which model of Connection this is?

    It could be that the lcd in the V1 broke, and they replaced it with a V4's screen, and swapped the background paper while they were at it. If memory serves, the V4 has the same number of icons, so it'd just be a simple switcheroo and wouldn't cause an issue for the sound(the delicate wires, I'm...
  13. Bentobuff

    Kawaii Pet Megu

    I miss that weird old virtual pet. It was very much like tamagotchi in some ways but definitely had it's own thing going on. I wish it was still going but they shut down the servers, like, 8 years ago. Does anyone else remember it?
  14. Bentobuff

    Tamagotchi x Max&Co collab

    Super cute but holy moly, they did to those berets what I did with a thrifted purse 15 years ago 😂 cute concepts but overall... I must be getting old 🤣
  15. Bentobuff

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to the community! I've never heard of that particular pet, but if I were you, I'd definitely make a saved search on ebay with notifications turned on, along with posting an ISO in the Tamagotchi collectors discord and Facebook page. Even if no one has one they're willing to part with...
  16. Bentobuff

    My unusually old mametchi

    Right I forgot :lol: Idk how with me hatching a new digimon nearly every week, lol
  17. Bentobuff

    My unusually old mametchi

    Oooh, good idea, and ~when you go to bed it's going to bed! Another note, however: you can simply use a paperclip and push the reset button on the back. No need to fiddle with the paper tab. 👍
  18. Bentobuff

    My unusually old mametchi

    Are you putting it in set time and adjusting it forward? Maybe the strat for testing this whole getting to sleep is just resuming things at the same time. Sure, their sleep cycle would end up misaligned for a chunk of it, but it wouldn't result in a manipulation of their age. 🤔
  19. Bentobuff

    Tamagotchi Fanzine interest

    I'm definitely interested! Which subgroup was this in? I hardly use my discord in general(it generally felt like an incessant noisy group chat so I had to turn off notifications, which also killed my engagement with the app) but I'm also in the group.