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  1. mizutamatchiman

    ON Question: if my Tamagotchi dies, will I lose my unlocks/items?

    So I did find this out eventually. But I also found out the ON is like, impossible to kill?! I didn't touch it and it took like two whole days. Crazy, no wonder I never had one accidentally die.
  2. mizutamatchiman

    Tamagotchi Doodle Requests (OPEN)

    Hi guys! Update! I'll try to get yours done today. :wub: @bunbun @OldSchoolVPQ Sure! I'm glad you love her so much! I'm not an artist by any means, I just decided to do these for fun. You don't have to, but you could link to this thread if you end up doing it! In the meantime, here are some I...
  3. mizutamatchiman

    13 Tamagotchi Challenge - I'm losing my mind (Comments OK)

    So... was he named Kevin before, or was he named Kevin because he got left home alone? :tongue: Congrats on getting so many Mametchis! I don't think I would've been able to keep up with so many that well.
  4. mizutamatchiman

    Tamagotchi Doodle Requests (OPEN)

    Sebiretchi is a Linux user
  5. mizutamatchiman

    Tamagotchi Doodle Requests (OPEN)

    Give me any tamagotchi (or 2!) and a silly idea, and I'll try to do as many as I can until I get bored.
  6. mizutamatchiman

    13 Tamagotchi Challenge - I'm losing my mind (Comments OK)

    Are you only posting updates for a few at a time? Wouldn't the other P1s and P2s also be in the adult stage by now? By the way, I love literally ALL your shells, they're so cute and cool. :lol:
  7. mizutamatchiman

    ON Question: if my Tamagotchi dies, will I lose my unlocks/items?

    Well, long time no see TamaTalk! I'm in college now and it's been kicking my... tail. My friend sent me a message the other night about Tamagotchis, and it made me miss running them. I think I want to start running my ON again to keep me on some sort of schedule during finals coming up. I need a...
  8. mizutamatchiman

    Digimon Help?

    It came in! I'll probably start running it some time in the next week. Could a mod delete this thread? I don't think I can. Maybe I should just turn it into a log. Thoughts?
  9. mizutamatchiman


    Sorry that I don't have an answer to your question, but you might have better luck making your own topic. This topic was from September 2019.
  10. mizutamatchiman

    whats your fav tamagotchi?

    I love Mizutamatchi! (well,obviously.) But I also really like Chamametchi, and Omechuptchi! I saw him when I got my first ON in December and fell in love. He's cute and he looks like my favorite food!
  11. mizutamatchiman

    Please help me identify my childhood Tamagotchi

    This looks like a Connection V1! Was able to confirm by looking up the shell. Here is a simple growth chart I found - but you might be able to find more information by looking up the V1. PS - your English is very good! I didn't have any trouble understanding. :)
  12. mizutamatchiman

    Digimon Help?

    I finally caved and got a 20th anniv Digimon. I've been curious about Digimon for a good while now, and a lot of threads asking how to get into it recommended trying this one out. Do y'all have any resources for a first-time owner? General guides, growth charts, etc. I figured this topic would...
  13. mizutamatchiman

    Whiten yellowed Tama shell?

    I would've recommended RetroBrite if anything, but looks like @Penguin-keeper beat me to it. I can't say for sure if it would remove the flowers or not, I've never used it on any 'patterned' plastic before. Something I can say though, is that it can make the plastic really brittle. I'm not sure...
  14. mizutamatchiman

    What accessories do you put on your Tama case?

    Ohhh, my bad. I thought that's what you meant. :mellow:
  15. mizutamatchiman

    What accessories do you put on your Tama case?

    I know someone that gets cheap phone screen protectors, and cuts them down to the right size. You could try that!
  16. mizutamatchiman

    I have some Tamagotchi Crossovers that are silly!

    These are all really cool! I can tell you put a lot of love and thought into them. I think my favorite is the one with Sackboy and Mametchi! Crazy enough, there are still people playing online on LBP1. I get on every once in a while.
  17. mizutamatchiman

    Can anyone guess who the character on my profile picture is.

    I think I was able to find her on the Beyblade wiki! Is her name Gumita? On another note, I had no idea that Beyblade was still going! :o I still remember them getting banned from my elementary school, lol.
  18. mizutamatchiman

    Does anyone have extra tamagotchis theyre trying to sell?

    While you can’t arrange sales on TamaTalk, I can recommend checking Mercari or eBay for used tamas! I doubt they’d meet your Christmas deadline, but there’s always other holidays!
  19. mizutamatchiman

    I need help with my P's!

    Try changing the batteries and see if that fixes anything! I read in the manual once that the sound can get funny when the battery gets low.
  20. mizutamatchiman

    ENTAMA Job Coupons

    @Tamaboo , this thread was made in September and your reply didn’t really add anything...