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  1. ologoff

    is it worth it getting other color tamas?

    Buy the P's, thanks to mr.blinky you don't need to buy real pierces anymore... you can find tons of free downloadables including the Sanrio deco pierce
  2. ologoff

    I'm Back Too!

    Welcome back!!!
  3. ologoff

    Back in action <3

  4. ologoff

    I'm Back!

    welcome back!!
  5. ologoff

    Heyo! and guess whos back from 2012!?

    welcome back!
  6. ologoff

    Greetings from the high seas!

    Welcome aboard!
  7. ologoff

    POLL- What's your favorite Eeveelution?

    umbreon is the best imho
  8. ologoff

    Where is "the garden" in the 20th Anniversary M!x?

    Press the center button when no icon is selected
  9. ologoff

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Anniversary Mix and LoveAndMelody p's are finally arrived! Now I'm waiting only a Genjintchi and a TamaOtch XD
  10. ologoff

    Tamagotchi Addicts Anonymous

    Hi i'm Ologoff and I'm a tama addict... can't stop spend money on ebay XD
  11. ologoff

    Where to buy cheap tamagotchi p's pierces?

    Ebay has some nice offers if you check regularly
  12. ologoff

    Help me find Kuromametchi third puzzle piece

    I need a lunch jar but I have the Ps in japanese language so I can0t find this item... can anyone help me pls
  13. ologoff

    Tamagotchi M!x Anni sad for 24+ hours

    Agree with psycotama, lollipops are the best way to quickly rise up the happiness
  14. ologoff

    Will this USB IRDA work for the Tamagotchi P?

    Sorry but I don't know :(
  15. ologoff

    Will this USB IRDA work for the Tamagotchi P?

    Cutie Pie Kawaii sells an irda device with ps, id and idl files preloaded but cost 35usd + shipping
  16. ologoff

    Unlocking Mermaid Village without using a second M!X?

    Sadly you need another mix to unlock mermaid palace. and you need to unlock mermaid palace to unlock gozaru village