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  1. breaddono

    whats your fav tamagotchi?

    Always has been and always will be kuchipatchi :)
  2. breaddono

    Finally back after... 15 years?!

    Haha that's awesome! It's so nice to talk to others who've had a similar love for tamagotchi for so long   :wub:
  3. breaddono

    Finally back after... 15 years?!

    I used to lurk on this forum around its inception in 2004... finally made my way back!!   :tarakotchi: I recently moved from the US to Japan. During my most recent trip to the city, I found a real live Toys 'R' Us and had to stop in! And that's when I saw... the Tamagotchi Meets. Back in...
  4. breaddono

    New friends??

    I also used to lurk here loooong ago and just rejoined... nice to meet you!  :wub: