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  1. Mothra


    This has been becoming more and more of an issue. Sometimes it doesn't even seem to be from the sun. For the most part, there is really not much you can do. Which one is it? If there is no pattern, some people have been trying hair color developer to try to fix the damage. In most cases, it's...
  2. Mothra

    Where do you people buy Tamas?

    Ebay! I have been using it for over 10 years with no problems.
  3. Mothra

    Rare but original Dinkies?

    The ones coming out of South America have a good history of being real. The only cases of these I have ever bought (trusted to be real) are from there. I have no idea what those letters are supposed to signify. Interesting though.
  4. Mothra

    In need of IR port!

    Yes! I just got myself a couple of Palm Treo 650. They were just the most attractive to me and a good price. Seemed simple enough to get stuff on there. Download to memory card, put card on phone. I might even get them today. :)
  5. Mothra

    What did I just buy?! Strange tamagotchi casing.

    I've not seen one of those in a few years. Gosh, this is unfortunately one of those fakes that came out in the V1 and V2 era. See what you can do to get it to work but I'd not imagine it would. As you have seen, the quality is terrible. I hope you didn't pay more than $10 for it. Remember, you...
  6. Mothra

    As an Animal Crossing and Dr.Shrunk fan...

    If you want a Shrunk (who is an axolotl) // Take a look at Deviant Art. You might find someone to make one for you. It's gonna cost ya. But there is the best talent for custom made things there.
  7. Mothra

    DIET tama or vpet-dont know...

    Yeah, I never played with them. I just got an overview so many years ago, I don't even remember where. Seems like an interesting little thing. Sorry.
  8. Mothra

    Mail-in offer for free Tamagotchi Angel (From 1997)

    I'd send it in just to see what happens :)
  9. Mothra

    Tamagotchi virtual pet mix up

    Why even bother putting content like that on a site? That picture looks like a debugged v3 with the Girl label at the bottom.
  10. Mothra


    I put some of my Tamagotchis on a tree a few years ago. Here is the YouTube vid of that. The camera was terrible and I wish the video was better.
  11. Mothra

    Tamagotchi- In lieu of friends?

    Put yourself in the boyfriends shoes. How would you REALLY feel if his best friend was a girl who is not you and wanted to spend a lot of time with her? Your situation is very awkward. You have both those guys in awkward spots. It seems that you are still at that magical time where you can...
  12. Mothra

    Magical Witches info and pricing?

    I've never played with mine. Heh.. Have you looked at YouTube? I find that basically anything I am looking for can be found there.
  13. Mothra

    Tamagotchi Angel "Tapping" Problem

    Yes, use the ball chain to gently tap the back. Works every time for me :)
  14. Mothra

    Yuki Penguin won't evolve!?

    Nothing speeds up evolution. Just be patient. The Dinkie pets evolve mostly according to how it's fed.
  15. Mothra

    What names do you like? :o

    Remember, if you do have kids for Pete's sake, give them decent names and SPELL THEM CORRECTLY!!! Go into this as if you are naming a 35 year old. Your kid won't be 3 and adorable for ever.
  16. Mothra

    USB IrDA brands that work with Tamagotchis?

    I never heard there were certain ones that do not work. I just went and bought a cheap one off ebay. It's just a simple little dongle.
  17. Mothra

    Tamagotchi- In lieu of friends?

    Being friends with other females can be awkward at best. I really have no female friends. I find them difficult, whiney and jealous. But if you have a boyfriend, you have to understand that it looks bad to have another guy friend. Sucks yep. I'd not think Tamagotchis are a replacement by any...
  18. Mothra


    Well said Nathalietchi. There is a lot of suffering and needless holding on to life. Yes, life is a precious gift but when you are dying and in pain you just want to go. Others are basically unconscious for years before they die. Where is the fairness in that for anyone? We make this decision...
  19. Mothra

    Have you Love your parents more than anything in this world ? ◕‿◕

    Sure I love my parents but it is very important to be able to distance yourself. It's part of growing up. There was never a time when I disliked them for any reason. I never had an emotional rollercoaster of emotions with all that growing up. Respect your parents if they deserve it. Also...
  20. Mothra

    Fake tama on ebay don't know who by?

    It looks like one of the first fakes of the V1 that ever came out. They were pretty terrible. If collecting bad knockoffs is your thing, go for it. The play value is questionable at best. I have a few of these. They were not interesting for very long.