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  1. Nazotchi25

    Does anyone know what version this is???

    Its always a risk to buy online even from reputable websites. The seller has over 200 reviews and they're mostly positive (4.3 stars at the time of my post) As well it is being sold by Amazon, so I have a bit more trust. So it looks legit. Sometimes they'll say its sold by a vendor other than...
  2. Nazotchi25

    Support Inquiry

    Not really, it is much better to message a staff member directly or send something to the admins *Locked but kept visible for informative reasons*
  3. Nazotchi25

    Hi guys in new too forums 😅☺

    Welcome to the Forums brendan! I hope you enjoy your time here! :biggrin: :nazotchi:
  4. Nazotchi25


    Hello friends, the author has addressed this concern in another thread. You can find it here:
  5. Nazotchi25

    hi! im tamastalch11.

    Welcome to the Forums! :biggrin: I love that shell design on your tama, I don't recall seeing it before, its a really nice one! :lol:
  6. Nazotchi25

    There is another Tamatown site?

    Seems the sites hosting it are down at this time. However, keep in mind that these sites are NOT owned or operated by TamaTalk. So unfortunately we have very little power in what happens to them, or on them.
  7. Nazotchi25

    Im back again! Kinda

    First off, Shrek. Clearly you have great tastes! Shrek's awesome! Larger Tama collection than me! Guess I better get buying lol Out of curiosity, which account was your old one? Mostly curious on if I've seen you around before. I've been decently active since 2009. Anyways, I hope you enjoy...
  8. Nazotchi25

    Hi everyone! A new (and hopefully active) member just appeared!

    It might be because I'm not wealthy, but no toy in the Connection series is worth over $100 in my eyes. Especially when I remember the retail price for them all were 14.99 to 17.99 where I grew up. Now when it comes to the more modern ones, some retail already quite high or needed to be...
  9. Nazotchi25

    Hi everyone! A new (and hopefully active) member just appeared!

    Welcome to the Forums! Tamas are pretty well the only thing I collect anymore. My favourite is seeing $200+ listings on eBay claiming its a "rare" toy, and when I look at the design in the photos its a Connection V2 with a shell design that two of mine have (and was popular when it was out). I...
  10. Nazotchi25

    Account recovery?

    I assume its a feature of the specific forum software we use now. Gotta say, I think it is pretty cool
  11. Nazotchi25

    Account recovery?

    I recognise the username, '/={3, as it was active during the same time frame I frequented the forums as a normal user. This account right here: So the forum software has changed a few times over the last few years as well as a complete software change...
  12. Nazotchi25

    Tamagotchi music star feel the beat

    Well. The seller probably knew that $300 was an overkill price so you low-balled their offer by half... which is still ridiculously over priced... I wouldn't pay anything higher than $60 and even then I'd be hesitant to actually buy...
  13. Nazotchi25

    Tamagotchi digital art commissions

    I am unsure if it actually is still closed or not since they changed owners of the site. The above notice seems to hint that it is open, but there's never been an official announcement or policy. If there was, it was very poorly communicated...
  14. Nazotchi25

    Which Tamagotchi should I get?

    I guess it mostly depends on what you want in the toy. V3 is pretty basic, but you can still use the online features indirectly with some generators and tools made by community members. V4 is a personal fave of mine. I love the whole school and work aspect. In a similar way to the V3, the online...
  15. Nazotchi25

    My intro! joined hoping i could find a manual for the connection V2

    Noticing you were looking for a booklet. I couldn't find any that were easy to link (and lets be real, they would 404 in a few years likely anyways), and most other links and resources here on the forum already also 404'd. So I took it upon myself to solve this problem as it really bothered me...
  16. Nazotchi25

    Heya ^^

    Hello fellow Canadian! I hope you enjoy your time here as I've been for over a decade :biggrin:
  17. Nazotchi25

    There is another Tamatown site?

    To be fair, Flash was an awful security risk over & over again. I was ecstatic when it was being discontinued. There are much better methods now than Flash...
  18. Nazotchi25

    Rip queen Elizabeth ll

    I was rather distraught to learn the news that day. Sort of felt like losing a distant grandmother who I deeply respected. Most Canadians today never knew of life without her as our Monarch. Feels rather surreal that it happened at all. It was to be expected though and I knew it would happen...
  19. Nazotchi25

    Calling for MetaPals Beta Testers -- an upcoming virtual pet game on Chrome extension!

    Web 3.0 is mostly an arbitrary term (at least how I interpret it) defines each "version" as follow: (long read) It mostly just "defines" the technology used on the web in different eras. 3.0 is mostly a business buzzword from social media giants. There is no actual "versions"...
  20. Nazotchi25

    Excited to be here!

    Welcome to the forums! :biggrin: Fun fact, "Moi" also means "Me" in French.