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  1. dollygotchi


    Wow! This plushie you made reminds me of the Mametchi bean bag plush I had in the 90s! Great job! 💯⭐️
  2. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi Game Boy Log *Comments Welcome!*

    So, I turned off the game after my tama became a teen. But it turns out that this game isn’t saving my progress like it otherwise would, because it’s not letting me play at all now. 😭 I’m gonna have my boyfriend look at it and hopefully, he can help.
  3. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi Game Boy Log *Comments Welcome!*

    Update: My Tonmarutchi just evolved into Hashitamatchi! 💘
  4. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi Game Boy Log *Comments Welcome!*

    Hello! I just started playing the Tamagotchi game for Game Boy Color. Playing it on a Game Boy Color right now is making me so nostalgic! I'm enjoying the music on full volume through my speakers. I want to log all of the tamagotchis I get in this game so I can remember them later on. This is...
  5. dollygotchi

    Cool thing i did

    I love this tama art! ❤️ I appreciate how it fits in well with the overall art style that Tamagotchi had going on in the 90s. Good job! 💯⭐️
  6. dollygotchi

    My tamagotchi didn't evolve into a teen?

    Hang in there! With good care, your tama will grow eventually. ✌️
  7. dollygotchi

    I’M SO EXCITED!! 😆

    I am pretty sure you can connect with others via the Tamaverse on the Tamagotchi Uni. I know the Uni is bringing back tama marriage, which requires connecting with other tamas, so I’m thinking you can play with others. Toy World Magazine describes the Tamaverse as “the metaverse of the...
  8. dollygotchi

    I’M SO EXCITED!! 😆

    I am excited about the Tamagotchi Uni! I admit I wasn’t thrilled at first and still have some mixed feelings. Nonetheless, I am now leaning much more toward a positive perspective rather than a negative one. At first, the Uni didn’t impress me. I appreciated that it connects to wi-fi, but...
  9. dollygotchi

    Who else thinks Bandai should make a Invader Zim Tamagotchi?

    I totally agree! 💯 The world needs a ZIM virtual pet! 👽 I’m thinking either GIR or an actual Irken Invader would work well! 💘
  10. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi Stickers!!!

    Whoa! You did an excellent job! 🤩💯⭐️ I love your DIY Tamagotchi stickers! 💖
  11. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi x Max&Co collab

    I’m in love with those Tamagotchi berets.💞💞💞
  12. dollygotchi

    and the light was made

    That is so awesome!🤩 Good job!💯 It’s awesome that you can trick out your old school tamagotchi like that.😺
  13. dollygotchi

    Tamagotchi Multiverse Devlog

    This fan game sounds exciting!🤩 Can’t wait for it to drop!😸
  14. dollygotchi

    My First Adult Evolution. What Was Yours?

    I have the Tamagotchi Pix Party. My first tamagotchi baby was Tamabotchi. Then he evolved into Puchitomatchi. As a teen, he was Terukerotchi. He grew up to be the Ginjirotchi I love and admire today.💙💙💙 EDIT: Oh! And my very first tamagotchi in the 90s was Kuchipatchi. I love him too.💚💚💚
  15. dollygotchi

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    I’m currently only running a Tamagotchi Pix Party. I would like to run more some day, but I’m lacking that confidence at the moment. I truly admire people who take care of multiple virtual pets at once!
  16. dollygotchi

    Do you remember your first tama?

    The first Tamagotchi I ever raised was Kuchipatchi during the 90s. Upon playing the Tamagotchi Pix Party, my first Tamagotchi was Ginjirotchi. I still have him now.💙
  17. dollygotchi

    Can we make friends on the Pix through long-distance?

    Hello! Here is my Tama profile (blue background) and a gift (plaid background): Enjoy! EDIT: Here is my invite code:
  18. dollygotchi

    kutchipatchi in real

    OMG How cute! You did such a good job! You have replicated Kuchipatchi’s cuteness perfectly!
  19. dollygotchi

    Hello! I’ve been a Tamagotchi fan since the 90s!

    Hello everyone! I’m so glad to be here! I started having virtual pets when I was a kid in the 90s. They were so much fun! However, I was no longer using them by some time in the early 2000s. I’m currently in my early thirties. I got back into Tamagotchi by watching the movies and anime. I fell...