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  1. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

  2. Burnt_Marshmallow

    My First Adult Evolution. What Was Yours?

    Technically it was a Ginjirotchi on the Tamagotchi Gameboy game, but the first adult I had on a Tamagotchi device was a Righttchi on my Friends!
  3. Burnt_Marshmallow

    TL16’s Meowing Giga Pet Log

    I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think that leaving it in clock mode would pause it.
  4. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Can anyone identify this oddpet?

    The first one is a Shaudindo/Pocket Kitty and the other one is a dead Jonny Alien, which also goes by a ton of different names.
  5. Burnt_Marshmallow

    MGA Godzilla instructions/care guide?

    I don't own a MGA Godzilla, but I did manage to find instructions for the schedule from Virtual-Bailey on tumblr. I also found that it lives far longer then normal MGA pets do as it uses programming from the Nano pets instead of the MGA ones.
  6. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Mod Break

  7. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Jonny cat virtual pet

    The Jonny Cat is actually it's own unique virtual pet that runs on it's own programming, and not a Giga Pet. It was made by the same company who made the cat litter of the same name. I found a growth chart for it from SuperSoftLights video on it. (link to the video, it's in Russian but has...
  8. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Micro Pet Log (Walking Potato, Comments OK)

    I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be a ice pack on his head.
  9. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Mod Break

  10. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Why Isn’t My Tamagotchi Sleeping Yet?

    What Tamagotchi version do you have? Was your Tamagotchi a teen while it was sleeping at 8 pm? Because on some releases the time it sleeps depends on the growth stage.
  11. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Bobo Panda Byte question

    I'm aware this is a really old thread, but I think I might have found the answer to your problem. I was looking at this blog here and it mentioned on the entry for March 5th the panda being able to still drink milk while being able to eat apples, so I think yours might be glitched. I found an...
  12. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Gen 1 Tamagotchi keeps dying?

    I was thinking maybe your partner's Tamagotchi has different programming or maybe a glitch? I was thinking the former because I looked up the red glitter Tamagotchi on Bandai's website it says has the original programming, but looking further the page for the 20th anniversary says the rereleases...
  13. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Green Egg VPet. Does Anyone Know What This Is?

    Yes, that is the new generation virtual pet! I found a video of it here. It just has a different shell, I'm pretty sure it has the same programming. Many bootleg pets have variations, I've several different shells of the Bunny ROM type virtual pets, but they still have the same programming.
  14. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Micro Pet Log (Walking Potato, Comments OK)

    He looks like a Ginjirotchi!
  15. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Help identifying virus-themed 1990s linkable virtual pet

    Late reply but your welcome! I'm glad I helped you! :)
  16. Burnt_Marshmallow

    My Orr-Orr Dino, Dual Chickpets, DNA fish & a Genjintch!

    I just released the death screen is him as a skeleton with his head fallen off! o_o I thought it was supposed to be praying hands and a candle.
  17. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

  18. Burnt_Marshmallow

    My Orr-Orr Dino, Dual Chickpets, DNA fish & a Genjintch!

    Orr-Orr has to be one of the most hardest to raise virtual pets I've ever seen! I wonder how many attempts did it take for you to figure out how he works. He still is very interesting though!
  19. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Help identifying virus-themed 1990s linkable virtual pet

    The closest thing I can think of is P-O-X by Hasbro. It's very similar to what you described and had 3 versions (red, green and blue), but it was released in 2001, so that might not be it.
  20. Burnt_Marshmallow

    Fake Tamagotchi

    It's a "Bunny ROM" type fake. They are very common. I don't think they have any connection features, and the status is the first icon, it's highlighted in the image. The chest is where you can see your items that you have bought at the shop, and you can use them to change your pet to a different...