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  1. OldSchoolVPQ

    Returning virtual pet fans: Do you have any policies about rebuilding your collection?

    I'm also one of the lucky ones as I have the majority of my childhood collection, as well as Japanese Tamagotchis I picked up on my travels during the mid-2000s. I came back into collecting in February after many years off, and 2 my main rules are... Only get the ones you want to play with...
  2. OldSchoolVPQ

    How do you get a Fondness Icon on the Tamagotchi Smart?

    Once your Tamagotchi reaches the adult "Friend" stage, you need to keep it at high Fondness for an additional 72 hours. Once you've done that you will trigger an event screen where they give you the icon!
  3. OldSchoolVPQ

    What are the 5 levels of friendship on the Pix?

    Congratulations! Mimitchi is such a cutie...I was so bummed when mine left to pursue her dream of being a pastry chef! I can confirm, at the Best Pals level you can deny your Tamagotchi's request to make an album. My Ginjirotchi tried to ditch but I was able to stop him B) Hope you enjoy...
  4. OldSchoolVPQ

    What are you doing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tamagotchi?

    Tamagotchi is more fun when we can enjoy it together! I'm glad you like the photos :angry: Yes, this is true! I ask for permission to shoot whenever possible and generally try not to cause trouble. My replacement Anniversary Smart arrived this morning, so really, the party just keeps going...
  5. OldSchoolVPQ

    What are you doing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Tamagotchi?

    I ran all over Tokyo to document the excitement of launch day! Really great energy all around. I took so many photos, but here is a small selection of some highlights. Ad campaign in Omotesando Station Namco arcade with big Tamagotchi plush cushions! The Pop-Up Shop! And of course...
  6. OldSchoolVPQ

    What are the 5 levels of friendship on the Pix?

    The highest friendship level is "Best Pals"! I finally achieved it for the first time yesterday. Had to spam my Gotchi's favorite snack until he got multiple toothaches...but now we can spend more time together so I think he can forgive me.
  7. OldSchoolVPQ

    Brand new Gen 2

    Oh yes, they're stealth poopers. They may not always call for attention when they're's part of what makes the classics challenging. You really have to pay attention! Hope your P2 grows on you :)
  8. OldSchoolVPQ

    Back again after many years!

    I was charging mine once every 3-4 days, and the charging was super quick! Didn't even take an hour. You can even play while it's plugged in, so it doesn't really interrupt the play experience much.
  9. OldSchoolVPQ

    Back again after many years!

    Oh the weeds spread and grow all right...I didn't play for four months and my island had close to 150 weeds on it when I returned! They don't bring your island rating down like in past games, and if you fund Leif's shop on Harv's island co-op collective you can ask him to take care of the weeds...
  10. OldSchoolVPQ

    Back again after many years!

    Welcome back! You have excellent taste in Tamagotchi characters ;) Also great to see another 30+ member. 33 over here, 34 in January. I opted for the Pix instead of the On, so I can answer your questions if that's alright. Long story short, I love the heck out of it. I have no trouble with the...
  11. OldSchoolVPQ

    Do You take your Tamas with you when going outside?

    I typically don't run more than 2 at a time. For pre-color units, if I'm out running errands, they get clipped to my bag or belt loop. If I'm headed into work, they get paused and tucked in my bag. (Sometimes I forget to do this, and I come home to very upset pets.) Color units have a...
  12. OldSchoolVPQ

    Rarest Tamagotchi?

    A used Conan ID just went for 300,000 JPY on Mercari...that's close to $3,000 USD. YOWZA! Send them my way...I'm looking for those test versions too ^_^;
  13. OldSchoolVPQ

    Halloween 2021 - Tamagotchi Style!

    Thank you for the high praise! I set very high standards for myself, especially when it comes to crafting and dressing up, so I'm glad this resonated with all of you as well! The little kids at the party couldn't get enough of the squeaky buttons. They were a last-second idea on not quite...
  14. OldSchoolVPQ

    Halloween 2021 - Tamagotchi Style!

    I've been planning this for weeks and only got the wheels rolling within the past week or so...and it's actually still in progress...but last night at the roller rink Halloween party I unveiled my newest costume: 90's Tamagotchi! The shirt is a full body print with a vector I made based on...
  15. OldSchoolVPQ

    Tamagotchi Smart

    I'VE BEEN SUMMONED! The Smart is much simpler than the versions you've already played, though it's likely closest to the 4U. The adults grow quickly and there are lots of items to collect, but the play can get repetitive. I would wait until after general release when more review videos go up...
  16. OldSchoolVPQ

    Quiz: Which New Tamagotchi Suits You Best?

    I think the Pix will fit nicely with your love of classic pets, especially since so many familiar characters are already included. So long as you've got rechargeable batteries on hand the battery life isn't the absolutely worst. Oh my goodness it's big though... GO FOR IT! I'd love to see what...
  17. OldSchoolVPQ

    Broken bt21 tamagotchi

    First off, are you able to remove the pull tab again? The pull tab blocks the batteries from powering the toy, so once removed the toy should power on.  You should also press the reset button on the back to wake it up properly. You'll have to restart from scratch, but that was already...
  18. OldSchoolVPQ

    RIP Brian Goldner (1963-2021)

    Sometimes I forget just how close-knit the toy industry is. It's worth noting that the difference in scale between Bandai America and Hasbro is extremely significant. Bandai America has always been small, so it makes sense that he would have taken a more direct approach to marketing despite...
  19. OldSchoolVPQ

    Tamagotchi Smart

    For Oyajitchi, the other food item is Oyakodon and the final snack is Cream Anmitsu. I unfortunately can't speak to accessories as my Smart is currently malfunctioning 😭 I can tell you Oyajitchi's preferences align perfectly with Karapatchi's, though! (Which I'm sure you've already figured out...