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  1. manual user tamagotchi 168 in 1.jpg

    manual user tamagotchi 168 in 1.jpg

    manual user Tamagotchi 168 in 1 
  2. Unique Art 😂

    Unique Art 😂

    just find this pict on website, so creative ! 😂
  3. Pochitchi ♡

    Pochitchi ♡

    Just try apps, 8bit Painter (playstore) 😂
  4. The Legend

    The Legend

  5. Angry Dino 😤

    Angry Dino 😤

    Iam forget to check my phone, going to turn on again air conditioner machine, so make he feel hot, thristy, and angry 😂 iam sorry Dinosaurs 😂 (DiNostalgia, playstore)
  6. sleeping zZz

    sleeping zZz

    digimon virtual pet , u can download and install on your smartphone, this my mirror link :   Because this apps created by fans. and already hidden in playstore because a problem license of copyright maybe. and Enjoy
  7. my egg's collection :)

    my egg's collection :)

    Both is good !!
  8. The Bugs on Space

    The Bugs on Space

    I just try create this picture with apps "8bit Painter" on playstore. And not bad 😂
  9. zukmi