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  1. Junkfood

    MGA Godzilla instructions/care guide?

    It took a while to get batteries but Godzilla lives! However the game seems to start automatically once you put in batteries and I can't figure out how to change the clock. help??? FIGURED IT OUT it works like a nano, so you have to hold the confirm button on the clock screen
  2. Junkfood

    Archiving Tamagotchi TV

    I remember that my Music Star came w/ a disc of the Tamagotchi movie and some tama figures (which I still have!!!) Good times Thanks for archiving this !
  3. Junkfood

    GigaPet pixie refuses to everything :(

    Every and all Giga Pets lose stats even when sleeping. Kind of a design flaw i dont know why top secret didn't fix it?
  4. Junkfood

    Bella Luna - A Tamagotchi Blog (Comments OK)

    My god I never realized that the name of this emoticon is "KASATCHI" :kasatchi: Ahh your V3 looks very well-loved indeed. warms my heart a lil
  5. Junkfood

    MGA Godzilla instructions/care guide?

    Bought this guy earlier, as a treat for finishing my finals: Upon looking it up I found out that this is actually a Godzilla and not the T-rex... A bit sad cuz I love how chunky the baby stages of the MGA dino are, but oh well. The problem is that I can't find instructions for this pet online...
  6. Junkfood


    "ODDPET" = Any virtual pet that is not Tamagotchi, Giga Pet, or Nano Pal which were the three that were most widely sold in stores (Possibly including Dinkie Dino as well, I see them a lot) there are hundreds of them and most of them have very little information on them available online. So I...
  7. Junkfood

    IS HE ADULT???

    Yes he is!
  8. Junkfood

    He is dead

    Dont be hard on yourself, all vintage tamas will eventually die...your mom might have taken it away because she saw how devastated you were. If you tell her that + promise not to get upset she will probably give it back
  9. Junkfood

    I need help

    I believe P1s randomly get sick near the end of their life. Mametchi and Mimitchi live to be like 22 days I think? Dunno at what point they start getting needier but if his hearts are going down faster then he could be at that point
  10. Junkfood

    Do you remember your first tama?

    Yellow w/ orange buttons P1 that my grandma bought when they originally came out in America. I never really played it though, I did pull the tab once but got so overwhelmed by the baby stage that I paused it and promptly forgot abt it until the batteries died... (newspaper smack) bad Junkfood! I...
  11. Junkfood

    Trying to find an EXTREMELY obscure Vpet...

    ...What was it?!?!? Youve got me curious now I wanna know this RULES btw. All these guys are so charming. If you are still collabing on the "real" version of this I would buy it in a heartbeat
  12. Junkfood


    been occasionally popping in to lurk for literally a decade now and decided i should come out of my shell more :nyatchi: Call me whatever name you like, I use it/its pronouns. Ive had virtual pets and tamas by extension as a special interest for basically as long as I can remember, though I dont...
  13. Junkfood

    Tamagotchi GB analog horror

    My friend showed me this cuz they know I like virtual pets and glitchy stuff. a bit cheesy but still quite interesting. Somebody filming themselves playing a very buggy ROM of the original gameboy Tamagotchi game when a ginjirotchi keeps appearing in the menu at the top screen. they attempt to...