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  1. IceCrystal

    post your desktop!

    The Ghibli shuffle get on my level
  2. IceCrystal

    The prices you paid

    all in USD v1 - free from a friend v3 - $15 v4 - $20 v4.5 - $25 v5 - $25 4U - $47, $58 with shipping $143 total
  3. IceCrystal

    What song is stuck in your head?

  4. IceCrystal

    Halloween Hatch Log

    update #2 10/3 Isaac and Suze turned into Kujakutchi and Ringotchi Isaac is a close tie between funny and gorgeous, and Suze is almost entirely art. They've connected a few times but they're just at buddy level. They've been going to school, mostly.
  5. IceCrystal

    Halloween Hatch Log

    hatched a boy and a girl names Isaac and Suze And it'll be a bit interesting until I get the right batteries
  6. IceCrystal

    Halloween Hatch

    I'll join with a v4 and 4.5
  7. IceCrystal

    I have returned

    -to tamagotchi. I'm new to the site. Years ago I was captivated by a friend's v2 and followed closely through v5, before life and school and whatnot. I'm getting started again and on the verge of buying a 4u, but I'm genuinely really out of it and the full color alone is mind blowing. It's...