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  1. speenach

    Can’t enter V3 shop codes!

    That would be an actual explanation, though! And tracks why my Nyantchi costume disappeared after one use :(
  2. speenach

    Can’t enter V3 shop codes!

    When I press the A button four times, and the shopkeeper is supposed to make a surprise face, I just get a negative sound/error noise, the same sound I’d get if I tried to buy an item I already had or tried to play with an adult item during an earlier stage, etc. I definitely haven’t entered all...
  3. speenach

    My intro! joined hoping i could find a manual for the connection V2

    hi! i may have had an account here when i got my very first tamagotchis as a kid; i'm a late 20-something, dissertation-level graduate student now with all sorts of y2k nostalgia. i got back into tamagotchi after 2 years playing the dumpster fire that is in the 2020's, and i spend...
  4. speenach

    Tamagotchi Connection Version 2 Instruction Sheet

    i know i'm about 20 years late to this thread, but i'm having a hard time finding V2 instructions online and wonder if someone here -- dear tech admin, maybe? -- could upload the scans again? it's a broken image for me, nothing to click to download. :(