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  1. Akatia

    Tamagotchi Pix Jobs Guide

    Awesome I’m glad I found this!! I was with Kikitchi in the performance room and somehow produced a giant heart for the first time ever. I always knew there had to be *something* more to the game other that just swiping back and forth. Thanks to finding this thread, I tried the triple press and...
  2. Akatia

    Heya ^^

    Thank you! I thought it was fun lol Nice to meet you! I know where to go then if I become lost ^^
  3. Akatia

    Heya ^^

    Hi my name is Kat :) 29/F/Canada I’m currently running a Magic On and a Pix. I also have a Connection V1, reissue P1 (Sakura) and P2 (Clouds), and 2 more Pix on the way. A few years ago I found a couple old v-pets I had as a kid. Dinky Dino and Dino Bobo. When I found them I decided I wanted...