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  1. gorecakes

    ☆How many tamas are you currently running?☆

    Hello Tama owners! I just recently started running 3 Tamas ( tamagotchi p1, Tama smart and a knock off called qpet color v2), this made me wonder: which ones are you guys currently running? : D
  2. gorecakes

    Any tips for the Tamagotchi Smart?

    Yes, thank you so much, this is extremely helpful! And I got Sanrio as well! : D I'm really loving it, it's so cute!
  3. gorecakes

    Any tips for the Tamagotchi Smart?

    Hello everyone ! I hope all of you are having a fantastic day or week <3 Today I'm finally going to receive my very first Tamagotchi Smart ( after waiting for so long ) and I am super excited to start running it ! : D I will also possibly start making a log about it, too! Does anyone have any...
  4. gorecakes

    What is the difference between the re-release of V1 and V2?

    Ah yes thank you so so much !! : D
  5. gorecakes

    What is the difference between the re-release of V1 and V2?

    Hi! So today I was wandering around Barnes & Noble and found a V2 Tamagotchi, I already own a V1 but I was wondering what are the differences? Is it the different characters you can get? Sorry if this is a silly question, I'm fairly new to getting to know tamagotchis !!
  6. gorecakes

    ♡hello everyone! New here!♡

    Thank you!! And so far I wish i could, but half of my collection is waaay back at home (( in another country, i just moved out this year and i forgot them, but if i do get the chance I will share the rest of my collection ! : D I am still waiting for my tama smart and qpet color to arrive
  7. gorecakes

    Revisiting Nostalgia ✌🏻✨

    Hello and welcome !! : D
  8. gorecakes

    hii! im new

    Welcome !! : D
  9. gorecakes

    ♡hello everyone! New here!♡

    Nice to meet everyone! Name is Matty, I'm a newbie tamagotchi collector, and I also loveee sanrio & metal ( lol ) I was first introduced to Tamagotchis when I was a kid and I immediately fell in love. Years later as of recently, around 2018-2019 I started to build my small tama collection! My...