TamaTalk needs your help!

We wish to give many thanks to everyone who has helped to make TamaTalk such a successful forum for Tamagotchi lovers everywhere. In fact, we are becoming so successful that we will soon be running into problems with keeping the site alive. TamaTalk currently requires a dedicated server to handle the load of the forums and everything else. This makes it fast and keep us online. But a dedicated server takes some serious money. Keeping things running and also continuing to pay for extras like chat and such add into that expense.

We would never think of charging for membership to this website. It goes against everything that makes the world wide web great. Instead, we are asking for voluntary donations to help keep this site alive and available for you and for every other Tamagotchi fan out there.

We are seeking out TamaTalk Angelgotchis to help us! What is a TamaTalk Angelgotchi? Quite simply, they are Tamagotchi fans who are helping to preserve the TamaTalk site for everyone to enjoy. The TamaTalk Angelgotchis are people who love this website enough to help support it with a small donation to show their appreciation for all the great Tamagotchi info and friends they have made at TamaTalk. In return for your support, you will receive a special TamaTalk Angegotchi badge for your TamaTalk account. This will show up whenever you post on TamaTalk (just like the TamaTalk Guides badge!). We will also boost your PM message box from the current limit of 30 up to 250 storable messages! You will also enjoy other benefits such as early previews of new features and more! More importantly, a badge lets others know that you are helping to keep things running for everyone to enjoy.

How can you become a TamaTalk Angelgotchi?

TamaTalk Angelgotchi (Supporter) - Show your support of TamaTalk by donating just $5 (US) to provide support to TamaTalk.
TamaTalk Angelgotchi (Lifetime Supporter) - Want to help support this site even more? How about becoming a lifetime supporter? Become a TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi supporter and upgrade your account for just $10 (US).

All amounts in U.S. Dollars. See bottom of page to convert amount to other currencies

7 Reasons why you should become a TamaTalk Angelgotchi

  • Get a badge by your name that let's everyone know you are helping to keep the site alive
  • Receive TamaTalk extras like increased PM box sizes (with more extras to be added for all TamaTalk Angelgotchis later)
  • Cost of keeping the site online is growing
  • Help overcome the rising costs of running the site... If the costs costs become too great we might not be able to afford to keep the site online
  • Help raise the money needed to upgrade the software and extras used to run the site so that newer features can be added to TamaTalk
  • Becoming a TamaTalk Angelgotchi will automatically result in your current Tamagotchi evolving into Nazotchi... Well... Not really! But it will help to ensure you have a place to go for the latest tips on how to get Nazotchi!
  • Help support a website that you love.. What would life be like for you without TamaTalk.com?

  • How can I donate?


    TamaTalk Angelgotchi

    TamaTalk Lifetime

    $10.00 and up

      Postal Mail  

    Cash or Money Order donations can also be mailed to:

    P.O. Box 90263
    Austin, TX 78709

    Please make sure to include a note containing your TamaTalk user name
    and email address in order to receive proper credit and thanks!!!

    Please get permission from a parent!

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    The TamaTalk.com Team wishes thanks you for your continued support!