A Introduction to The Original Tamagotchi.

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Dec 21, 2010
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Tamagotchi P1 Guide

Welcome to the Tamagotchi P1 guide. On this page you will find out all there is to know about the Tamagotchi P1 and the different characters included, as well as some other information on the original Virtual Pet.

The Original Tamagotchi was released in November 1996 in Japan and 1997 for America and Europe.

The Tamagotchi came in several color's and styles, some of the American styles and color's included:

Clear blue with yellow.

White with blue.

Yellow with orange,

Green lime with yellow.

Red-pink with yellow.

Purple with pink.

Green clear with blue.

Warm orange with yellow,

Dark blue with bright pink.

Pink with green.

Semi-pale blue with purple.

Dark purple with blue.

All green clear,

White with black.

Clear purple with white,

Purple with white pastels,

Yellow with purple pale,

Green with milk white,

White with red,

Red with white and black.

For a picture with all the different Japanese colour the please click


Tamagotchi Icons

To navigate around the tamagotchi you must press the A button (the first button) and this will highlight the first of the 7 icons at the top and bottom if the screen.

The first icon is used for feeding your tamagotchi character. The options available are Meal and snack.

Meal is used to feed your tamagotchi a meal which raises your hunger hearts. Each mean raises your tamagotchi's weight by 1lb.

Snack is used for a snack and for making your tamagotchi happy. This fills up the hearts but adds 2lb onto your weight every time it is used.

The second icon is the light switch. This is used when your character sleeps. Once it is sleeping, you then must turn the light of for it.

The third icon is used when you play a game with your tamagotchi. The games featured on the Original Tamagotchi is a guessing game where you have to decided if a number is going to be higher or lower. For example: Say if a number 5 was on the screen, you have to press A to guess higher and B to guess lower, if it was 8 and you pressed A then you have won. Each game gains 1 happy heart and removes 1lb if you win.

The next icon is the medical icon. When your character is I'll, a black skull appears on the screen. To make your tamagotchi healthy again, you must use this icon to bring it back to health.

The fifth icon is the toilet. You use this when your tamagotchi makes a mess on the screen, you select this icon and the screen refreshes and cleans up the mess.

The sixth icon is the status meter. Inside the icon it displays your age, weight and discipline bar.

The seventh and final delectable icon is the discipline. If your tama beats for no reason then this must be selected. This tells your tamagotchi off and fills up 25%of the discipline bar found in the status menu.

Those are the main icons however, there is also a eighth icon. This icon lights up when your tamagotchi needs something.

On the tamagotchi, the amount of care you give it will affect what character you end up with. The characters include are,

Mametchi - healthiest character.

Ginjirotchi - Second Healthiest.

Maskutchi - least Healthiest.

Kutchipatchi - Least Unhealthiest.

Noyorotchi - Second Unhealthiest.

Tarakotchi - Unheathiest character.

Here is a growth chart.

Proberty of Yeah Tamagotchi


Tama-Zone's Growth chart

Sources of Information.

I would like to thank some People and web pages that have given me information to create this page. The two main ones being:


And second of all


I would also like to thanks Wikipedia for providing information on the Different designs and color's of tamagotchi.

Finally, I would like to thanks Ra from Tama-Zone for providing information on tamagotchi and the images.

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