A list of trusted Hobby Shops that sell Tamagotchi?


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Oct 14, 2012
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I am looking for a list of trusted hobby shops you guys buy from and have good experience with? Also I'd like to know what shops to avoid?

Right now I've found AmiAmi and HLJ seem to have a somewhat good rep with tama-lovers though they dont seem to be selling the ID L's anymore and are all about pre-orders for the P.

From what I see HLJ still sells iD L's? They only don't have the Princess Spacy one and 15th anniversary (to my misfortune)

They even have hexagontchi for only 4000 yens!

hlj.com is good.

cdjapan.co.jp is also pretty nice, though they don't do combined shipping for some weird reason

amiami.com is also great!

I love hlj.com they offer a standard shipping rate for ems. (from what I have experianced) the. Enconomy shipments is usually SAL (tracking) so you would have an idea where your products are. They have a warehouse to store your items for 2 months so things can ship together if needed. (great for pre-orders and currently avaliable items) after that 2 months, its like an auto ship as they say. They used to have points but I don't think they do those anymore.

I know many users from one of the groups I am in, support CDjapan. Very high rated for Japanese anime toys according to the group.

I'm currently having a bit of a bad experience with CDJapan...so yeah, HLJ is the best. ^_^ Japan Trend Shop also sells iD Ls, but they cost a heck of a lot... $88.

I've had great experiences with both HLJ and CDJapan. In my experience, the customer service with HLJ has been very dependable and friendly. Also, their orders ship quickly and arrive almost just as fast (I live in Canada).

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