after 13 years... i'm back! 。 ◕‿◕。

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Sep 4, 2021
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im bee, i go by she/they pronouns!!

im 21, an illustration major/communications & psych double minor, and a big dork (as we all are here hehe)
i had a super embarrassing acc on here when i was 8 and i wont say the username buuuut 
even after all of these years, this community holds a special place in my heart < 3 

i love tamagotchis so so so much! i used to have a giant collection but after moving a bunch, it was lost in a storage locker along with my prized hamtaro toys ;_;

but my bf just bought me a tamagotchi pix and i am OBSESSED ahjakhgj if anyone wants to play w me i would be so happy
but anyway!! just returning to this community after some sad stuff happened recently - getting back into all of the nostalgic comforts of my childhood and would love to make some friends along the way!!


i also play other games like super smash, yume nikki, spyro, hamtaro, and a bunch of nostalgic stuff! love early 2000s anime as well!!!

ok i have adhd so i could literally type all day but ahhh pls talk 2 me!! < 3 


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Dec 13, 2020
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It's great to meet you as I joined the site pretty recently myself. ^_^  Oh my goodness I'm so sorry to hear about the lost Tamas/Hamtaro toys! I can feel your pain, being someone who has lost precious childhood things through moving circumstances. My giant vintage Pokemon card collection with many rares and holos (including several of that Charizard) was tragically stolen from storage. Shall we mourn together? 😭 Lol.

With a bit of luck, I see those Hamtaro toys you might have had pop up on Mercari occasionally, if you ever want to collect them again. It's the ones I remember collecting at least. Those things you mentioned got me seriously nostalgic – with some additional memories of Harvest Moon, Zelda, and Chao Garden caretaking. Such an urge to go dig through my old video games.  :lol:

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