Akira's Mixed-Up Adventures (a m!x, PriChan oddpet, and an Evatchi (but mostly will focus on the Evatchi!) (and possibly more in the future!))


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Dec 26, 2021
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Alright in the next few days / weeks this log is intended to be closed down in preparation of a new log featuring the addition of a new Nano unit that I will order soon (which is most likely a Demon Slayer Nano) as well as (possibly) more PriChan oddpet funsies!

Unlike this log, the new log will be definitely COMMENTS OK!!

While I exactly know when I will place my order, still I DO NOT know when the ordered Nano will come home, so expect an indefinite (logging) hiatus from me until I BOTH received my new Nano and have enough time to write logs. (btw currently (and as well as near Christmas) is the exam season so I will not have much time for other free-time activities aside from chatting in Discord)

Hope you guys understand this decision of mine.

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