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Sep 5, 2004
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Hello there!

It has come to my attention (and I am sure the rest of the Guides team) that there have been numerous suggestions that are repeats. One, in particular is a suggestion for clubs. Anyway, I'm going to make a list of the commonly asked suggestions, so you can get a quick answer as to what is happening with that suggestion. :huh:

Clubs - No, at this current moment, TamaTalk will not have any opening's for a club board, or anything that will allow clubs. Admin put it best here: . Any suggestions for clubs will be locked or deleted. :angry:

More Skins - Skinning takes time. A lot of time to make, then to perfect. Admin has mentioned this fact quite a few times, like here:

We hope to add additional skins as time goes on... They take a while to make and fine tune so please be patient! :D  
Don't let this put you off making suggestions! TamaTalk values your input! However, we don't want to see repeats! :angry:

Thanks for your time! :D


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Jun 14, 2004
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Another to add to the suggestions...

Images in signatures and signature lengths - We do not allow images in signatures because, in most cases I have seen, the images start getting crazy and become a huge distraction from the forum discussions themselves. After all, forum sites are for discussions and not for looking at the biggest and flashiest images one *EVERY* single page every time a member posts. This is also some of why signature lengths are limited to the current amount... A wish to focus on the discussion instead of the flashy stuff. :huh: Another reason images in signatures are not used is because it usually tends to slow down page loads since people link to other sites for images and/or it just adds more to load. It was not something that was easy to decide on though I feel it helps keeps things useable. :D

More smilies - We get many request for more smilies. However, these do take time to make and implement. Unless you are prepared to offer your own works up (and be prepared that they might not be quite what we are after) then don't ask! Smilies are not exactly on the top of the priority list at the moment. :huh:

Additional Non-Tamagotchi Related Sections - TamaTalk is a forum designed for tamagotchi lovers. Our main purpose here is to promote discussion and the sharing of information about tamagotchis and virtual pets in general. This is TamaTalk not AnimalLoverandTamaTalk etc. We have provided you with NonTamaTalk to discuss other interest areas - please use it! :huh:

TamaChat - Whatever it is that you can think of to say about - it's been thoroughly discussed before and will be thoroughly discussed again. It is one of those areas that we can't help but revist regularly because of the many challenges it presents. We know you want it open everyday all the time already... we don't really need you to keep posting! ;)

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