Anybody here still active on Neopets since the site changes?


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Dec 13, 2020
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Since the problem with Adobe Flash and their changes to how the pets are rendered, all of my pets seem to have lost their customizations! Very few items are actually rendering so they look almost bare. Super shocked to see how long it has taken to transition, but I shouldn't judge... Must be hard work I expect. I'm just sad because I was working on some really pretty customs and trades prior to it all. Anyone still playing have news to share or encouragement to keep playing while we wait?  :furawatchi:

I still play! I would love to add you! I've got an account from 2007 I still go on once a week or more. 
I would totally love that!!  :lol:  I fear I'd be an awful neofriend as infrequent as I am on the site, but in case I start getting active again, it would be really fun knowing someone there from Tamatalk! If you want, we can send usernames in pm to protect our accounts I figure.  ^_^  Coming from old school paranoia that wizard hackers will somehow find our accounts and take our pets. Lol.

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The games have been fixed! I still play, but staying away from the new activities that seem to be pushing the entire thing into the pay-to-play direction. I basically play the same way I did in 2002. :)
I got back my old account yesterday, and it's so nostalgic! It has several daily tasks for NP, so for now I'll be focusing on that, but I'll become more active as time goes by, hopefully ^^
I've been playing off and on for the past couple of years and it's been interesting watching it change post-flash. Now I've been on the site daily as I've found it's a good time keeping method and helps add routine to my day! My work schedule is very inconsistent but my Neopets dailies are worked into my evening routine regardless of thar day's plans. I'm on there as treefrogfreak if anyone would like to be Neofriends!
I haven’t been actively playing since I lost my account a few years ago, but I’ve been following all of their latest news and updates. It’s nice to see all their new changes and upcoming updates. I’m glad that they’re finally updating the backend and adding new things.

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