April and the fire


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Sep 6, 2004
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Lansing, MI
*Beep!beep!* April Summers' Mimitchi beeped.Nobody,not even the teacher payed it any mind. April got Mila out and saw nothing was wrong,so she punished her."Mila," she wisperd"You only call me when you need something." she waged her finger playfuly. See,everyone was used to the idea that april had to take care of Mila,even in the middle of class.*RING!* School was out.After Changeing Mila's batteries,connecting with a few people and cookie dinner,they both went to bed. The next thing April knew was not being allowed to enter her house because of a fire that had hit."But,Mila's still there!" She said,trying to get though."Is Mila a pet?" She fire man asked her."no,My tamagotchi friend!" She fireman laughed a little.

after the fire was over,April was placed in an inn with her mom.She cried every night,and everybody at school gave her funny and weird looks,wondeing where Mila was.One day,about a month after the fire, the phone rang.April answerd the it with a sigh"hello?" She said.

"yes,will April please come down to the new house that is being built?"The woman asked. "uhh..sure." she hung up the phone and went down to the new house that was being built on top of her old one.When her got there,she was pushed to where her old bed room was."There's a annoying beeping sound coming from the wall.You used to live here.what is it?" The man asked real rude like.April put her ear to the wall.She gasped."Hey,may I have a hammer please?" She asked sweetly.She man got her a hammer and her busted the wall open.The man fainted.She dug her hand into the hole and pulled out her sweet mila.She had some burn stains on the sides but was still working. Mila was happy,just hungery.April skipped off to school the next moring,happy as ever.