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May 14, 2018
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hi im new to this forum, i just have one question. its been at least 2 decades since i played with a tama and i recently bought the 20th anniver edition. so cute, i love it.

the new 20 anniver mini only goes from baby blob to adult in 24 hours.

i just remembered as a kid playing it never was the same character every-time.. and this will be my 3rd time with the one worm i do not want to play with.

im just reaching out to make sure there nothing else i can do to avoid this guy..

when my tama hatched, it was the weird worm above- then my husband reset him wanting to try to get another character- one day later its the same worm. and the third time we tried, its him again.
im starting to see a pattern i think, my question is ... will there be another tama being hatched - does it matter how i "take care of him" or is it going to be the same one every time going forward, luck of the draw, too bad so sad???

i swore as a kid this changed most the time.. its just the worm guy we dont like.. =[

thanks for reading this, hopefully some can answer my question!


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May 11, 2018
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I have three 20th anniversary gotchi's so far but I haven't used any yet.

But going by the original gen 1's these are based on, (the ones I used most the past 22 years) The Nyorotchi is a sign of neglect. They were worm\snake like because they were starved or always hungry. They got sick often and died young. I don't know if the 20th anniversary ones work the same or not but that was the originals.

Hope that helps a little. Perhaps I could help more when I bring an anniversary one to life but that won't be for a while yet.

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Mar 22, 2017
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The mini's growth is determined by the amount of care mistakes, so yes, how you take care of your Tamagotchi determines what character it becomes. The mini is a little difficult to understand if you haven't had a Tamagotchi before but thankfully, it can be easy to care for.

Basically, just like a regular Tamagotchi, the Tamagotchi mini has a meter for hunger and happiness. These meters have four bars each and each bar is filled with one serving of food. Feeding the tamagotchi bowls of rice will fill the hunger meter and feeding it candies will fill the happiness meter. The problem is, these meters are hidden so the only way to tell if that meter is full is to feed it till starts shaking its head. If the meter empties, a care mistake is earned and the amount of care mistakes determine growth. If the hungry meter empties, the tamagotchi will look spaced out with a swirl in the air. If the happiness meter empties, the tamagotchi will turn away and a throbbing symbol will be in the air. Another way to get care mistakes is to not clean up after the tamagotchi. Enough messes on the screen will cause it to get sick and unless it is healed, it will die. Additionally, letting it sleep in messes also counts as a care mistake.

Now that the mechanics have been explained, here is a basic care schedule:

1. When the tamagotchi first hatches, feed it 4 rice bowls and 4 snacks.

2. An hour later, feed it till it shakes its head. (It loses a bar approximately every 45 minutes. Fully fed, it can definitely go without food for an hour.)

3. Clean up any messes it makes.


*To check if a meter has fully emptied, press C (button on the far right). If its meters have not emptied, nothing will happen.

*To put the Tamagotchi in limbo, press B (middle button) to bring up the clock screen and then A (far left button) and C to put it in set mode. The tamagotchi will not do anything till the clock is taken out of set mode (useful for times it cannot be taken care of).

Do not feel like you have to be super, super attentive to avoid Nyorotchi. Even with 10 care mistakes, I still got the best character. The key is to check it at least every hour and feed it till its full. The more full the meter, the more time you can leave it alone. Also, as minis are small and all its needs are taken care of with a few button presses, it can be easily cared for without disrupting your life. One other thing is that there are secret characters which evolve from adult characters. If Nyorotchi is treated well, it will evolve into one as will Mametchi with the same care.

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