beginner mistakes you have made when you first played with tamagotchis?


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Oct 23, 2022
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i would be so annoyed when my tama wouldn’t beep because i wanted a real challenge. i only checked the meter bars if it beeped and since this was my first time with a tamagotchi, i accidentally mute it and it died while I was eating (or playing with my phone I think) and when it died I thought that it was normal.. sooo.. yeahh
@girliegotchi, please pick one account and stick with it or we will pick one for you. You've been asked to stop deceiving others enough times now.
The stupidest mistake I made with my tamagotchi

It was with my first tamagotchi a gen1 law in an article that giving him 20 candies he could die..

I thought this was a lie, so I did it and what had to happen happened...
Thinking that letting hearts drop by more than 1 adversely affected the Tama's growth.
Yeah this was me. To be fair, there are a lot of guides online with inaccurate info that still say this is a thing.
I never did know about the pausing trick when I was younger, so I gave it to a family member to keep an eye on when I was at school. It died :(
It's okay to have your TMGC time be different from IRL time, if your life doesn't work for it.
I've tried raising a Tamagotchi since starting my new job - but due to being on night shifts, I end up wracking up care mistakes because - asleep for work.
I now have my time adjusted for when I can actually interact with it.

Also potty training a tama on many models is a feature I forget about lol.