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All topics in the new TamaTalk Logs forum will be clearly marked:

If a member's log shows NO COMMENTS it means "do not post in my personal log" - please respect their request.

  • We don't want to see "I know it says NO COMMENTS, but I just had to ask you this,... etc."
  • If you have a question or comment, use the PM system to send them a message.
If a member's log shows COMMENTS OK it means "you can post comments / ask questions in my personal log", however, please do not:

  • post rude or argumentative replies in another member's log - respect TamaTalk site rules and keep comments friendly, respectful and positive towards everyone
  • ask questions that could be more easily (and more usefully) be posted in What Happened To My Tamagotchi or Help for New Tamagotchi Owners forums
  • post comments so often that the personal log becomes a discussion topic or chat room where there are more posts made by others than the member who is running the log
  • spam a member's log with emoticons or one word comments like "Cool! :D " / "Interesting!" - we have the "Like" button for those kinds of responses - please use it
If you are running a log with the COMMENTS OK tag please remember that naming and shaming or attention seeking behaviour is against TamaTalk site rules.
We don't want to see:

  • "Everyone must hate my log, no one ever posts comments" or "Please tell me what you think! I'll only post more if people like it!"
  • "Post questions here about this version" - We have the TamaTalk Help forums for those kinds of questions
  • "Come to me for questions/answers" - TamaTalk Help forums! :)
As always, if you are having problems with unwanted comments in your log topic, do not start arguing or flaming.
You can report any post by clicking the small yellow :excl: REPORT button in each reply box and one of the TamaGuides will deal with the report.

If (after a trial period) you change your mind and want to switch from COMMENTS OK back to NO COMMENTS (or vice versa) please use the REPORT button and the TamaGuides will deal with the report (this is not an invitation to change your mind on a random basis and ask to switch back and forth) ;)

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