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We occasionally have member who like to run various competitions between members, whether it be to win an avatar or just to enjoy the fame of being nominated as the best artisit for a while.

While competitions are welcome we do require that you submit a rough copy of your competiton idea to a Guide for approval first! (Choose just one Guide - no need to PM the whole group!) When you and the Guide have come to an agreement about the suitability of your competition, it may be posted.

Things you need to include:

1. How long will the competition run for - this should be at least a week to allow for a sufficient number of members to see and enter your competition if they desire. Remember to specify a specific closing date.

2. Can a member make more than one entry?

3. Who will judge the winner/s and how?

4. What is the prize - if any?

5. When will the winner be announced?

6. Any other rule specific to your competition?

Example format: The FAQ Badge Competition thread by Admin


1. Competitions need to be open to ALL members of TamaTalk

2. All elements of the competition must be clearly outlined before the competition starts and must not change without good reason!

3. The competition must be posted as a new topic in the forum and all entries must be posted in that topic only i.e. no offsite competitions please!

4. If you promise a prize - make sure it is given!

5. All other expectations in regards to taste, decency and TamaTalk Rules still apply!

Other Important Things

When you PM us, you need to have a full rough copy of the competition - we will not be approving vague ideas.

We may ask for certain changes to be made if we feel that there is not enough information or the target group is too narrow or discrinimantory.

If there are a number of competitions going on at the same time, your idea may not be approved or we may ask you to try again at a later date.

When your idea is approved, please make sure to send us a link to your competition so we can post our approval and make sure you've not made any inappropriate changes to the plan.

If for some reason your idea is not approved, please spare us that nasty "Guides are <insert adjective of choice here>" threads. We have a job to do and never act without reason - your understanding would much appreciated.
Competitions are a privilege not a right!

Finally, any unauthorised competitions will be closed!

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