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Jan 5, 2021
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i got a Tamagotchi on

but sadly when it came it was a meet i did not know how hard it is gonna be with a Japanese one and not an English one!

i was fine at the start.

i made it to 4 gen and i clicked on its friend list and then a crayon with a tiny crayon appeared i try resetting it but it wont work i try pressing all of the buttons but still it did not work, i don't know what i can do there is something at the top but i don't know what it says because it is all in Japanese!!! please help



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Jul 9, 2013
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I think I know what it is - your batteries may be dead!

The "crayons" you may be seeing might actually be Kandentchi! This is a warning screen telling the user to replace your batteries, featuring an exclusive battery-like Tamagotchi and a warning message in Japanese up the top! It can appear at any time on your Tamagotchi, usually after a long time of use, so don't worry, this is totally normal. This had nothing to do with selecting your friend list. Tamagotchi ON/Meets/colour versions in general are known for draining through batteries, so I'm impressed you made it to gen 4! (unless I've just been using terrible, off-brand batteries... oh no...)

All you need to do now is just open up the back of the Tamagotchi and replace it's batteries. When it turns back on again, you will be met by a white screen with two options to choose from - choose the top one, as this is actually your save data, meaning you can continue your generation from where you left off (and see your Tamagotchi again)! The bottom option resets your Tamagotchi permanently, and should only be selected when you want to start anew from generation one.

I hope this helped you out! Please let me know if I'm wrong anyhow. :D