Creating ACCURATE Seasonal Animations guide for Meets/On!


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May 1, 2010
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So I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of not being able to find an accurate guide for Meets/On seasonal animations!!
All we have is that one "mix/meets" image, and that is a LIE. MANY of those animations/schedule are for the mix ONLY, and there are a few on the Meets/On that aren't on that list at all!
(aka here: )

I have FOMO about seasonal animations, I want to see them all 😅 So I was thinking we should compile our own list as we find them!!
Anybody up to help me? It might also be interesting to see if any differ between the various Meets/On varieties.
I've been experiencing the seasonal events rather patchily so far depending on when I've got a device running/how busy my life is at any given point lol...

Here are the ones I've noticed so far: (Sanrio Meets, Fantasy Meets, and Magic On)

-Jan 1 = New year's animation [start of day]
-Jan 1-7 = New year's money [at parents' house]
-Feb 3 = Setsubun*
-Mar 3 = Hina matsuri doll parade [start of day]
-Several days near the end of July (not entirely sure about exact dates) = Festival food cart [triggered by going outside at a late time I think? Only have seen it on Sanrio so far]
-Dec 25 = Christmas [start of day]
-Jan through Feb = Snowman abductions [triggers often]
-Apr through May = Rabbit steals your easter egg [triggers often]
-Apr through May? = Cherry blossom petal chase [triggers often]
-Jul through Aug = Pool hangout party [triggers often]
-Aug = Rock concert [triggers often]
-Oct through Nov = Fall forest [triggers often]
-Oct through Nov = Squirrel harvest [triggers often]

*I THINK I may have seen a different Setsubun animation online somewhere? The Sanrio and Fantasy Meets and Magic On all have the one where the main tama puts on the demon mask and gets beans thrown at it. Also confusing to me is exactly when this animation is triggered. On my Fantasy/Magic On, it only happens at the start of day, while on my Sanrio it triggered every time the screen was turned back on. BUT my Sanrio has problems (to the point where it's not even playable anymore 😭) so I don't know if that was supposed to happen that often or if it was a glitch. It didn't make any of the other seasonal events happen any more often though.

Also, anybody else trigger this animation ever before??: