Do you prefer to pause your tama or put it to sleep when you need a break?


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Jul 1, 2024
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I have medical issues right now, and because of them I get exhausted very easily and sleep a lot. I change the clock on my current run, a p1 tama, to night so he can be asleep when I'm asleep, and I wake him up when I'm awake regardless of what time it is in real life. When he's awake, I change the clock back to real time.

How do you feel about this sort of thing? Do you consider it "cheating" or a way to enjoy the tama more thoroughly? I'm just curious because I know most people seem to pause their tamas, but I prefer doing things this way. Pausing kinda takes the fun out of it for me, so instead having him sleep makes it so that he's still "alive", doing his thing.
I do similar things as well when my schedule gets wonky. I don't think it is considered "cheating" at all! Everyone has different ways where they can enjoy their tamas to their fullest extent. Whatever works for your lifestyle is best. Nothing wrong at all with time skipping and nothing wrong at all with pausing. They are all valid ways of enjoying your tamas! ❤️
Hopefully you will get well soon. :blink:

I do my best to avoid pausing my tama personally only because it prevents the growth times to progress properly and that makes it not fun at all!

Your solution is the best in my opinion, you kind of got the best of both worlds of having your tama age properly while you also take a rest without you worrying about it.

All is valid and good, you just find what is best for you. :smile2:
I will stay up until my eye bags have eye bags to tend to my digital son. I hate pausing because it interrupts the growth and evolution of the Tama, usually delaying it by a day or so in my experience. But that's just me, because I don't like things going against my set expectations and plans for something. Nothing wrong with pausing it though! Its a toy, and you're a real person. Your health and stability is much more important. A Tama can get reset, but you can't. Take care of yaself!!