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Dec 15, 2021
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merry christmas! i've got some updates, and a new addition to my tama collection!

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it was, in fact, under the christmas tree. apparently, my family had ordered one that never showed up, but then after i told them i would prefer the green one anyway, they went ahead and got it for me! so nice of them <3

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so here's the nature green pix out of the box. it's pretty nice!

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here's my first egg, and a picture i took when my tama evolved into fuyofuyotchi!

and here's my profile thing!

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i'm liking the pix so far. the pixel art for all the different places is really cute. the controls aren't as bad as i had feared they might be either. i'm sure i'll have more thoughts the longer i mess around with it!

now for the keitama!

this is anoko (あのこ)"that kid" basically, haha. ichigotchi as a teen! very cute.

and here's his final evolution, gozarutchi! fun little guy, i was hoping for him.

i don't have any pictures of lucy to show today (because lucy IV was neglected a little too hard, oops, haha) and lucy V is only a tamatchi angel right now. hoping for a new evolution, or at least that i remember to take a picture when i get the bad end, lol.

last little picture:

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R2, malfunctioning. it'll happen if you ignore him long enough, basically the same as getting sick.

anyway, thanks for reading! i'll have more to show some other day, i'm sure! i hope you all have some good holidays!
gozarutchi and ichigotchi do be vibin lmao

ichigotchi's closeups have a mouth resembling mametchi's in lets go tamagotchi in his closeup pics


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Jul 13, 2021
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happy new year! (almost, for me, still a few hours left to go, haha)

i have a few things to show!

first, an update on fran:


i'll be honest, i totally lost count for how many nyorotchi's i got haha, so i don't know which number this is. i still need maskutchi!! rest assured i will get it and you will see its animations too!!


bad end! this was lucy V's fate... after she became chubby angel again...


lucy VI is oyajitchi angel! at least it's new! its shape reminds me of a melon, with that halo, lol. and of course we also have our fourth generation on the keitama, also my fourth boy! his name is goemon, after a samurai character that my sister likes.

and now... the pix!

View attachment PXL_20211228_221746589~2.mp4

we've got weeptchi! he's so cute! here he is playing with the sketchbook. it plays a cheery tune when this happens, so i figure it might just be his favorite item? for the training mini games, i've gotten to play each one, and it seems to have settled on the idol mini game (which is nice, because it's very easy). i'm guessing tomorrow he'll become a pro?

here's some codes!





i'm not totally sure how this one will work. i think it's mail, set to be delivered at 3 pm? let me know how this goes, i'm curious!

last little update. R2's original batteries ran out, so i've boxed him. i think if i knew more about how to get certain evolutions i might have liked to try more. as it stands, i'm not too interested it starting it back up right away, as cute as it is. i'm sure i'd like it much more if i cared about star wars, haha

thanks for reading! i hope the new year treats you well!


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May 17, 2021
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Indianapolis, USA
Weeptchi! I'm envious of your green Pix; it looks so nice!


Here's my Gozarutchi and your Weeptchi together :) Gozaru fell down and Weep helped him back up :)


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Feb 22, 2018
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Illinois, USA
If you happen to still have your Weeptchi, I'm currently raising one and searching for all the likes/dislikes I can find for him. Here's what I have so far:

- Tama Pot Pie (meal)*
- Canele (snack)*
- Big Slide (item)
- Witch's Hat (accessory)*
- Hamburger (meal)
- Cupcake (snack)
- Ice Cream Tub (snack)

- Bagel (meal)
- Honey Toast (snack)

* I haven't tested these for myself but they're listed on the official website so I assume they're correct.

Looks like I can add the sketchbook to that list. I gotta buy one for my Weeptchi in the morning!
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Jul 13, 2021
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hi! i've been so busy, haha, but i've still taken pictures and videos the past while!

starting off, the keitama!


here's goemon with some sort of new years things? cakes maybe?

and as an adult, he was dorotchi, a cute little ghost!

View attachment PXL_20220107_021723419~2.mp4

already, though, goemon's left me with my fifth boy in a row, who i called ringo. right now he's a kuribotchi, just like goemon is in the new years picture.

next, lucy!

View attachment PXL_20220102_012540115~2.mp4

another odd return animation, this one for oyajitchi angel. not long after this...


we've got shogun angel! all i have left to get are tarakotchi angel and cactus angel. i think though, i might pop its batteries out for a while and focus more on the pix and keitama. there'll be time to figure out how to perpetrate average care upon a takotchi angel, haha.

before we get to the pix, though, one last little thing!

View attachment PXL_20220110_205404437~2.mp4

the final character on the mini, maskutchi! and so, fran may finally rest.

now for the pix! weeptchi left quite a while ago now, and my second adult, who you'll see in a bit, left as i was making this post! my third generation is blue!


yep, the battery life... well, it was actually really great for me, haha. my non-rechargeable ones that i had left over from when i used a wireless mouse have lasted quite a long time! i'll be getting some rechargeable ones as soon as i can, of course, though i did find it interesting that my normal triple a's lasted almost two weeks! i have two more sets to go through still! i wonder if i just use the pix a lot less than others do...? hmm


okay, here she is, lovelitchi! she was very needy! i found it much more difficult to keep her happiness meter high. she's cute, so i forgive her.


here's a social media post i made of her next to cloud strife from the final fantasy VII remake. you can barely tell though, haha, the picture isn't exactly... crisp. it reminds me of a toy camera from 2007, which i say affectionately.


here's a playdate code for lovelitchi!

and with that, i'll say goodbye for now! i'll probably be back next week sometime!

thanks for reading!


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Jul 13, 2021
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hi! i hope anyone reading is well. i have a few pictures and videos!


our next adult turned out to be kikitchi! i'm not fond of monkeys, though, so i never took many pictures with him. this one is from the photo studio, where you can choose the background.


we got a charming egg (pink) next, and here she is as tantotchi (i believe). a spoon! she becomes much cuter as an adult.


sebiretchi! pictured next to a finished sudoku puzzle, haha. she's my favorite so far, probably because i had a severe dinosaur phase up until i was 14!


while exploring, you come across a strange cabin in the woods... wherein a great card game is played... inscryption! a very good game. i recommend watching a playthrough, or playing the game yourself. best go in blind!

View attachment PXL_20220122_194005813~2.mp4

the only item i've been able to confirm as sebiretchi's favorite, the skateboard! kikitchi does this same animation, since it's his favorite, too. tony hawk pros up in here!

View attachment PXL_20220125_225205971~2.mp4

and here is young oyajitchi (ringo's child conan)! what an odd teen character, huh? i achieved him (my sixth boy in a row as well...) via bad care, instead of waiting to marry until after evolving into an old character.

i believe lower tier characters are also dependant on what their parents were. if both parents are bad care, or one is bad and one is normal, like conan's parents were, then it makes it much harder to get the better teens and adults. ah, ringo did become ringotchi, for whom i neglected to get pictures of, and literally neglected. he ended up my second gozarutchi, and he married memetchi, a normal character. i'm doing my best to take good care of conan, to see if i can get a normal character, at least.

and that'll be that!

you know, i kind of miss running simpler tamas, haha. don't be surprised to see a gen 1 make an appearance next time.


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Jul 13, 2021
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gonna be two posts since it's been so long since i updated!

starting off with the pix and keanu (90's rerelease P1)!

View attachment PXL_20220202_232324975~3.mp4

here's orenetchi with his favorite item, the ball. he was the second worst care adult i got after sebiretchi, i believe. he was cute to have around!

my streak of bad care continues to its forgone conclusion...


the next tama to take the place of this tragic one is similarly a bad care adult, haha. i have a hard time getting mid-tier sorts of adults; they're always the ones i get least of all. it's all or nothing with my attention it seems.

View attachment PXL_20220219_224908051~2.mp4

ninjanyatchi! i really like her, as ridiculous as she is.

and here's my favorite special favorite item animation so far!

View attachment PXL_20220219_225008365~2.mp4

i had to keep the sound on this one, it's just so fun!

i hope to do better for the next generation... unless my last set of batteries dies first...

now, here comes keanu! you know, i still have never seen the matrix? i really ought to sometime...


i love this shell so much, i forgive the P1 programming entirely. the screen on this one seems slightly harder to see (are all rereleases like that? i don't remember what my george looked like too well, haha).


nyorotchi, my old friend! gone so soon.


in comes maskutchi! i haven't cared for it perfectly, so i doubt i'll see the secret character this time. Maskutchi itself is plenty worth having anyhow!

on to the next post, then, wherein i will show you the keitama, and a new arrival from my wishlist!


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Jul 13, 2021
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the second update post! don't miss out on the first one with the pix and keanu!

here's the keitama!

View attachment PXL_20220202_232248975~2.mp4

nikatchi (smiling, as is its namesake)! his name is koichi.


he looks very happy all the time, haha.


it wouldn't last... lol. he became gozarutchi, at least, so he wasn't so neglected, however, yeah i should be a little more vigilant.

View attachment PXL_20220215_222413934~2.mp4

here's memetchi! another male (i have yet to get a single girl, and this is... the 7th? 8th? too many. what are the odds of that anyway? it's 50% either way...). he inherited the koichi name.


here's what it looks like in the ohaka (grave) menu, and my current kuribotchi (tezuka) visiting.

and now... an ebay find!


autumn leaves akai! it was on my wishlist, so i ignored the not amazing price and bought it up!


isn't the shell so pretty? i love the ginkgo leaves. the background is nice too, and the red pixels are so cute! though a little hard to see without some extra light.


here's both my keitamas with their respective manuals that i mostly can't read.

last video, with akane the cheritchi:

View attachment PXL_20220220_025926510~2.mp4

the akai is great so far! the games are sort of just reskinned from the keitama, though i don't mind that at all. the food options are all red themed! and the two are compatible connection-wise! i'll take some video of that in the future, i'm sure. it'll be nice to use some connection features, since the keitai part of the keitamas are extremely impossible to ever access again from what i've figured, haha.

so yeah! thanks for reading! have a good day/night!