Donut (Ginjirotchi) is the first tama I’ve raised in YEARS. I’m keeping him alive in my Tamagotchi Pix Party for as long as I can! *Comments Welcome*


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Jul 7, 2022
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Hello! I ordered a Tamagotchi PixxParty last summer and raised my tamagotchi into a Ginjirotchi. I call him “Donut” as a nickname because he loves donuts. I grew so attached to him, I didn’t want to let him go back to his home planet to work as a chef. Instead, I’m keeping him as a full time pet by running my Tamagotchi Pix Party for as long as I can. Sure, I definitely use the sitter function, and I’ve had to take out the device’s batteries before when there was no way I could care for him. Most of the time, though, I an able to take care of Donut and bring him with me to most places I go to.

I decided to start this log to talk about our experiences/adventures and share pictures of my beloved tama son. 🩵

*Edited to include photos!

Donut’s Current Room:


Donut Enjoying an Afternoon Drink:


We are enjoying the first daily of Summer to the fullest!
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Today has been a good day so far. I have been able to care for Donut all day today so far (Friday), whereas I left him with the Sitter Poketchi for all of yesterday (Thursday). So far, the day has been good.

Donut and I both had big borgers with plural patties earlier. I was sure to feed him his favorite juice afterwards. I packed multiple glasses of juice since to keep him happy throughout the night. Since I am going to hang out with friends tonight, I feel like he deserves excitement too.

Tower Burger Time:


I hope he enjoyed his tower burger as much as I enjoyed mine!

Drinking Mixed Juice:


I wonder exactly what they mix into this juice. 🧐 Whatever it is, I want some! 💞

I am going to my friend’s house in a little while. If Donut gets up to any party business there, I will update this thread as soon as I can.

Peace out, tama scouts! ✌️🪐


Also, I forgot the best part: Murachakitchi came over to visit us!
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Yesterday was fun. Donut chilled out by a nearby lake with his tama father (my partner) and I. It was overcast, yet the gray sky and calm waters were soothing. Best of all, Kunoitchi joined us for a bit!


Kunoitchi is a kitty ninja. I think cats are more ninja-like than any other animal… until they knock something over. Good thing no stealth is required to admire a lake!

After that, we went to our friend’s place and proceeded to need out the entire time. My friend and partner are both very into Final Fantasy, so there was a lot of Final Fantasy talk. My Tamagotchi Pix Party is my most-played game, but I definitely enjoy others too!

Yesterday was good. 💯❤️
So cute, I love Donut! I'm inspired by ur dedication to keeping him for as long as possible. :3

Thank you so much! 😇 I am glad and grateful that my tama dedication inspires you. 💙 I love the Tamagotchi universe. I also appreciate how kind the tama community has always been to me.

I recently had to take out my Pix Party’s batteries for an afternoon, night, and part of the next day because I needed uninterrupted rest. I put batteries back in the device the next day. I’ve been taking care of Donut as well as I can. (I’m currently sick, but I have an appointment to see a health professional today.)

The day after I had to take his device’s battery out, Donut demanded a party. Because I’ve been running my Pix Party almost non-stop since I got it, it randomly forgets what it’s doing, resets on its own, and then needs to be restarted. I can relate to that, though! Well, anyway, this happened right after we served cheese fondue at the first party. So, the second time around, I was sure to invite the same tamas I invited as last time (Majoritchi, Witchi, Patitchi, Himebaratchi) and use the same colors for cooking. Lo and behold, I got the cheese fondue set again, so another round of cheesy goodness was had.

1st Cheese Fondue Set


2nd Cheese Fondue Set


Then we played bingo. Donut lost, but he sulked then coped, as usual.


After that was the gift game. Donut won a party popper. Score!


Some time after that, Moriritchi came over. It was a cute little visit!


For dinner, we both enjoyed seafood and beverages. Here is Donut enjoying shrimp tempura and grape juice.


I will do my best to track any eventful or cool things that happen. Thank you for reading! ❤️
Hello! A couple of weeks ago, I went to a festival and brought Donut. I fed him plenty of grape juice before his battery went low until it had no power. Shortly after this event, I had a bad fall. Because I needed to recover, I had to take the batteries out of Donut’s device so I could fully rest. I put the batteries back in recently, and I am so happy to have Donut at my side again. I still have to call Poketchi during times when I need rest, but I’m happy he’s back.

Donut is doing well. I recently got him an ice cream hat and turns out, it’s a favorite of his. The same goes for the cotton candy I scored for him. I got both of these from the Mission section of the official Tamagotchi website.

Here are some recent photos of my baby. 🩵

Cute ! Ginjirotchi was my first tamagotchi too ! I have the normal pix though. I currently have Awamokotchi bacause my Ginjirotchi left me for the drooling tamagotchi planet to become a Noodle chef. I got Weeptchi after that then I got Awamokotchi.

It's so cool and cute at the same time that you love that very same tamagotchi ! You make me wanna do it soooo badly
Hello! Donut and I are still going strong. I took his batteries out when I was recently feeling too tired from dealing with health issues. I figured Donut could use the rest too, considering that he randomly restarts both randomly and often after playing games. I’ve deleted half of the pictures on my Pix Party (which was my tech-saavy partner’s advice), but it’s still happening. I’m hoping there’s a way I can help, unless it’s just a sign of aging that can’t be helped. Nonetheless, I’m always grateful to have Donut in my life whenever I can, for as long as possible.

Today, we had a tama family breakfast. Donut and I had eggs while my dad had a bagel. Donut loved bagels as a kid, but he can’t stand them now. Now, we are all just chillin’. He’s having fun being an egghead right now. 🥚


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