Donut (Ginjirotchi) is the first tama I’ve raised in YEARS. I’m keeping him alive in my Tamagotchi Pix Party for as long as I can! *Comments Welcome*


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OMG Donut is adorable! my Tamagotchi Pix is 110 and she also has a food themed name and wants to be a chef her name is Burger. I think Burger and Donut would be friends <3
Hello! Happy Thanksgiving! I have recently started running my Tamagotchi Pix Party device again so I could care for Donut again. I wound up taking a break of 4+ months.

First of all, I noticed that my device runs much better after taking this extended break. Now, I am able to collect coins from games and cooking without the device restarting. So, if your Pix or Pix Party is acting up, try taking a break and letting the device rest for a bit.

I’m super grateful to have Donut in my life again! After I booted him up and put his silicone case, he asked to be pet for like 10 minutes straight. I missed him, and having him around again is such a delight.IMG_1009.jpeg
Hi there, I have Tama Lovelithchi. She’s so sweet. Let’s be have a party !
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Hey! Thank you for sending me your QR code so Donut can be friends with your tama! I just partied with your Lovelitchi, and it was a cute time! My device kept restarting, but here’s the most complete party we were able to have:

First, Lovelitchi met Donut. It was instant friendship!


Then, other tama friends came through.


We all enjoyed fruit together. Donut gave Lovelitchi the first helping of fruit. Then much joy was had as all of the tamagotchis had fruit to eat.


After that, we played The Gift Game. I gave up Donut’s guitar and received an Oyajitchi plush. What a win!


Then my device restarted itself and the party was over. Oh well! It was nice meeting your Lovelitchi either way. Thank you for partying with Donut!

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