Doraemontchi unlockables?


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purple pyonkotchi

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Mar 4, 2012
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Hi, I'm not too sure how many people here have ran the doraemontchi or doramitchi, but lately I've tried giving them a good run but I'm having some problems with the unlockables. You can unlock gadgets to use in these and from what I've read people say it's entirely random chance... during the first few days of starting them, i unlocked all but 3 of the gadgets on both the doraemontchi and doramitchi. Both were missing the same 3 gadgets: the ghost one, the phone box, and the substitution rope. However, I ran both of them for a month straight after that (until they both left when I was at the movie theater for too long, RIP) and I hadn't unlocked a single new gadget no matter what I did for basically that whole month. I can't find any other info about it online and everyone I've talked to says it's really just random chance to unlock them, but I'm also wondering if I've done something wrong? Or am I just that unlucky LMAO

Also another thing, when I start up my doraemontchi, for the first several days after beginning it his hunger stats drop SUPER fast. I timed it and everything, it went from full hearts to 0 in just 45 minutes... it really made him a pain to run lol. Is that a normal thing? The doramitchi doesn't have this aspect and honestly it definitely makes sense for doraemon's character, but I've never seen it mentioned online anywhere so I was curious about it.
I've checked my notes on this, but it doesn't seem like I have any more info on it than you do, so I'm sorry I can't offer anything. I've archived the translated directions from Tamasquare (which is no longer online), and they had question marks on the three gadgets you mentioned, so it doesn't look like they unlocked them either. I've got this on a personal wiki, so I'm sorry it looks weird, but I linked to the archive I made of the page here:

Maybe you can find something there that I haven't yet.

Edit: sorry, forgot to include the files


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